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  1. My Funny Valentines 1, 3, 5, 7 from scratch. 2, 4, 6, 8 manipulation. Dark Side Oceans of Time Moon People Something Went Wrong Vis-A-Vis Beastie Love Quote 1 Quote 2 PS. I wish you πŸ’œ
  2. You're sharing already? I'm saving mine for tomorrow... Yours are totally wonderful. Happy V's Day, dearest lynx - keep your sense of humor & love/be loved! Best wishes to you πŸ’œβ€οΈ
  3. It's unforgivable how late I realized how great Planetoid is. Thank you @Ego Eram Reputo
  4. concerning the theme - this movie is one of my favorites 🎭
  5. Two cliparts, all the rest PDN. Marianne Faithfull quote.
  6. Alas... Well, even in 200x500 it is so YOU - it has what I like about your creations and what makes them unique. Let's call it lynxster touch
  7. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for your votes people (you know who you are ). @lynxster4 - thank you for the hosting - and I wonder if your entry has a full size version, by any chance - I really like it.πŸ’œ @Maximilian - your owls are just fabulous & this is for you
  8. Enjoy it, dear - and Dance The Night Away. 🎧🎸🎹 PS. Thank you for Lizzy's shape. Thanks for the rep, @Red ochre, and for the slinky!
  9. Six Sketches in Shape 3D I used to be afraid of Shape 3D with its great big advanced UI - but time flies. People grow. Tutorials help. PDN inspires. Lizzy Wooden Strange Brew Boom Lights On But... Potion #9 Thanks for you visit & I wish you cool 3D-s of all kinds
  10. @Pixey, is it okay to use PDN logo - or does it break the no stock rule? I was 'smart' enough to realize now that it might... would like to know it for sure & edit the entry BEFORE the thread locks. Thanks in advance.
  11. the early Juliette Noureddine - most hypnotizing voice and manner...
  12. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Learning Shape 3D is not that scary at all. My aim wasn't glass but rather something like this so I changed it a little. (The original images are fantastic & worth trying one day.)
  13. My two coins - not to report a bug but to say Thank You. The 'History' and 'Layers' performance is so much better now - and it doesn't crash due to the lack of memory when doing complex multi-layered things with tools involved etc. Really like the update & sorry to hear some users got problems with this one.
  14. @barbieq25 and @LionsDragon - thanks for the reps @barbieq25, I'm the biggest fan of your Mandarin Ducks and Victorian.
  15. imagine Rammstein doing a lullaby in Yiddish... soft beginning, furious ending
  16. Can I join the party? Gradients galore (shape: Spiral L repeated) + built-in Dents (big scale, small refraction) + Tone Gradient Angle. @Red - as usual - bravo
  17. @Seerose - ich liebe Katzen, you're right. Thanks dear. @lynxster4 - you created so many of them that literally everything can be your shape & no surprise Hugs. @Pixey - looks like I touched the string... Yes, losing them is hard but they are too precious to say 'never'. I wish you and your cats all the best. 'Torre' must be a good place - A. and B. moved me - thanks for the story.
  18. Thanks for the rep @ReMake, stay tuned @lynxster4, you're the greatest cat on this board (and surely the best lynx I've ever talked to). Btw the Flower-Lotus shape in 'Antique' is also yours
  19. - CATS - dedicated to the best creatures walking on earth and to everyone who loves them Sister Moon Later Than You Think Egypt It Was A Night Black On Gray Antique First Year Student Another Meme Paint.Net Cat 1-2-3-4-5 drawings are 100% PDN - many thanks to @lynxster4, @Red ochre, @toe_head2001 and everyone else who made it possible This font was used for cat silhouettes
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