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  1. Cool, a new one - a stylish one... Using concrete to create luxury is your magic. Red Lady must know the answer - but she's doing hush 😉
  2. @Seerose - you're always welcome, my flower
  3. Signora @Pixey PDNarto - grazie! The Chocolate Loving People = My People. 🍫 🥂 Forever.
  4. Thanx Lynx 💜🖤 The winged turtle is a tragic metaphor for procrastination that can be motivated to move by the only engine - creative energy - which is not always here (scary, uh?) 'Soul' was, in fact, made a few weeks ago but I didn't have a set for it then (cheater). Thank you Dryda 🌌 Making the planet was new and super fun. Gotta luv PDN...
  5. 3 new images based on 3 classic tutorials: How To Make A Glass Cube by @HELEN Glass Text With Filling by @Ella 100% Planet Tutorial by @flip Soul Chocolate Planet That's all for today. Thank you @lynxster4 for your shapes (you recognize them in the 'Choco', right?) and @Joshua Lamusga for Brush Factory (Nebulas in the 'Planet'). @Drydareelin - I wouldn't even dream of competition but I do understand why you like the topic 😎
  6. Thanks everyone & congratulations - my place was obviously the 4th (as I'm not in the same league with those who made it realistic) but thank you kind people for your votes @Pixey - this was a challenge - and a really good one. @MJW - where is your gallery, btw? A person who creates things like this is sure to have a lot of cool art to exhibit (I bet I'm not the only one thinking so).
  7. Inbal Perlmuter - as part of The Witches band or solo. She didn't have much time but she was one of a kind. (The original was recorded by Carter USM for '101 Damnations')
  8. @Red ochre - those trees took dozens of layers AND, with your 'Dryad', it was a neverending holiday... @LionsDragon - welcome & thanxxs! (I don't even swim very well - but it is still fun.) @lynxster4 thank you - 'Maybe Next Time' is special to me (for a number of reasons)... @Seerose - you are on Windows 10 now? Be strong. My thoughts are with you. @ReMake, I appreciate @Pixey - we commented simultaneously so I'll just add a thank-you (okay)?
  9. Mona L. is a good mask - and this is my offline face.
  10. let's start this year with Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (tell me if it's too image heavy and i should replace them with the thumbnails) once upon a time pretty in scarlet children of the night maybe next time winter in town stairway to heaven the bridge a place to go migration new sunrise They are all PDN. Thanks for your attention!
  11. @Pixey, your train is adorable. Such a pity we have to choose between Like and Upvote.
  12. I am so sorry... PS. all PDN
  13. This is awesome. And so simple to follow. Someone here loves horses, doesn't she?
  14. Happy birthday and only best wishes. Never give up. Keep the joy of life. Eat, love, create. 😋😘🖼️ PS. Three big holidays in a row - you're a tough gal, aren't you?
  15. 'Table For Two' Gosh, it wasn't easy 😏 Thank you @Eli for the detailed tutorial!
  16. It's really cool to make one's own space. 💫 🌌 I think that most of all I like Dawning, Unsolved, No Second World and Neutrality. Thanks for the flight, @Drydareelin
  17. Fast Connection Check @ReMake, @Drydareelin, @lynxster4, @Seerose, @Pixey - thank y'all @lynxster4 - if the power starts by your office door, the entire world will only benefit from that. Hugs @Seerose - gut Zauberin You surprised me too. @Pixey - the bigger the smile on your face the better. Happy New Year!
  18. The End Is Near (this one's dedicated to Windows 7) and since the year is also ending, here are some personal messages @lynxster4, @Pixey, @Seerose - these 3 are for you, 3 good fairies of PDN forum - thanks for your generosity and talent and this one is for YOU (yes, you, whoever looks and enjoys it) Happy New Year! Thanks for your visiting 🙃🙂
  19. Thanks for your effort - and happy New Year! 🙂🙃
  20. Dear @Pixey, I kinda liked the experience, after all... 😎 Lucky are those who've been here for years: they could nominate their favorite arts in "real time". I'm glad there's a chance for us who join later - to catch up with the gang.