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  1. Too lazy to make my own, so I used your image and saved it as a pattern. Thanks for this....
  2. Sorry Drydareelin, but you obviously have no clue about Gimp's capabilities.....
  3. Or simple use a "Windows" VM and install the latest PDN in that. Since I've upgraded to Linux Mint 19 (Ubunto 18.04 Bionic Beaver), I've decided to stop playing with Wine as I'm tired of fixing it.
  4. I've been using PDN since v3x and Gimp since v2.8x. PDN is a very good free image editor and is more than enough for most ordinary image editing users. For the "Advanced User", Gimp is a better choice with Masks, Groups and paths, not to mention more advanced plugins. Still, PDN certainly can produce excellent results when properly used. I often suggest PDN to Windows users, because it works so well.
  5. I was thinking of posting a video, but it's a pain posting videos on this site. Glad you posted one instead, Pixey. I was a bit disappointed though, you had your mic turned on but never spoke. I was curious what you sound like...
  6. 1) import gif using Midora's Plugin. (rename extension to .agif) 2) upsize canvas. 3) Add background and combine by using this command in layer properties: // background 4) Export to animated gif.
  7. There is an alternative way to dodge/burn in order to darken or lighten parts of an image. 1) Add a blank layer above background layer and set Blending Mode to "Overlay". 2) Use the brush to paint on the overlay layer. Black to darken and White to lighten. 3) Adjust opacity to suit...
  8. You did a great job on your animation tome10. Well done with just PDN.... For these type of things, I like to use Blender. More options and better quality. Here's something I made just a couple of days ago. Not too bad for just started learning two weeks ago.
  9. Great job MJW, Welsh and Madjik. Congrats on your place finishes. Nice job hosting Lynxter.
  10. Perhaps you maybe interested in doing the effect in G'mic Online? Use the "Artist" > "Brushify" filter.
  11. I love this one. who the heck (not me) can understand this, anyway? Seriously, I love math, but I don't understand this...
  12. That is one seriously real looking pencil MJW. I would imagine it would fool most people.
  13. Congrats to all winners and entrants. A whole lot of great entries. I tried to vote for all, but ran out of votes. Great job on hosting Lynxter.
  14. No offence, but I prefer the old version of HexagonalGrid which still works with PDN v3.5.11. I use it to make a Gold or Chrome Hexagonal Grid. Nice of you to update just the same...
  15. I used "Impact" font on my letters. Here are some tests with a few e-maps I have on a heart shape since it's Valentines day tomorrow...
  16. This works pretty well, thanks for the improvements....
  17. Yes, congratulations are in order for Pixey, toe_head2001 and Lynxter4. Have fun in your new roles.
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