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  1. Here's my final render as a wallpaper, if anyone wants it. I changed the wood texture and added a lens flare.
  2. I don't think I would use "Blender" and "easy" in the same sentence. Easy is a relative term. I think PDN is an easy program to use for editing photos. I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say that Blender is about 50 times more difficult to use than PDN. It's not really a fair comparison though. It's not insurmountable either. If a knuckle head like me can do it, than anyone else can too. Here is how I'd rate programs on the difficulty scale from easy to hard: 1) image editors (easy) 2) video editors/compositors (hard) 3) 3-D programs (very hard) "Blender Guru" has an easier tutorial for beginners on making a doughnut and a coffee cup. I'd recommend you start there.
  3. Thanks welshblue and Seerose. I just installed the latest version of blender (2.8). It is a major overhaul from previous versions. I pretty much have to learn the interface all over. It gave me a chance to make some changes. I added a wood texture for the floor and polished up the metal parts. I then added a soft glow to the lit bulb.
  4. Thanks Lynx, that's a very high compliment. Thanks Pixey. I don't want to limit myself to just one program, I use a handful of programs at any given time. In truth I sometimes don't remember which program that I used to make the effect. You can and here is the tutorial that I followed (more or less). He used an "Bayonet" socket in his tut. Don't know why, maybe because he's Australian? I had to create my own "Screw-In" socket" on my own, using the "Bolt Factory" AddOn. It worked out well after I edited it to my liking. P.S. It's a long 2-part tut. He also likes to ramble on, but I think he's a good teacher just the same.
  5. I made these light bulbs in blender, then made the animation in PDN. I'm very happy with the bulb details in the outcome.
  6. Too easy. Use "Midora's Animate Images" to make the animated gif using two layers.
  7. If you add some roughness to the shader, it will reduce the reflection. It's a matter of what you want. You can download blender and see for yourself. I can post the blender file if you want. Blender is very hard to learn though and I still know next to nothing about it. This is actually the first object I've sculpted yet. I have a long way to go. Even on this textured vase, you can see some reflections of your image.
  8. Here I used "Principal Shading" in blender on this chain link. I used your environmental image as an environmental map for the "World". It can use either equirectangular or mirror ball.
  9. Excellent work. This looks a lot like Blender's equirectangular diffuse. I need to check this one out.
  10. Be sure to select 32-bit when saving to PNG. This will include the alpha channel for transparency.
  11. Dang, the comp is closed and I just finished my Earth render. Guess I'll have to vote.
  12. Well done lynx, I didn't think of Edgeshader.
  13. Just a bunch of layered dots and grids, then bumpmaped. Much of it got distorted when converted to seamless tile. Wikipedia has a nice snake pattern: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snakeskin
  14. Here's my reptile texture. It may or may not work for Dragons.
  15. That's awesome Red. Nice to see it done in PDN and it looks great too.
  16. @MJW's Texture Shader is interesting. Plenty of sliders. I tried to make a star like the one on the right, but failed to get close. I made the one on the right in Gimp using an e-map I made following one of welsh's tuts.
  17. You could use Red Ochre's "Object Bevel" to achieve this.
  18. Credit goes to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1z-Rp7nxqA
  19. You're right, it worked well for this 69 Charger I extracted to make an animation.
  20. I too have total respect for the ladies, I learned that from my Mother. Anyway, I think that site uses some type of AI to guess the person from the background. I'm sure that with every photo uploaded, it helps it learn. Kind of like public training for lack of a better description.
  21. Amazing how well remove.bg site works on people. It's a lot faster than doing it manually for sure. I dug up this little cutie and put her in front of my bike. It almost looks like she belongs there.
  22. @TrevorOutlaw I didn't use blender for the screencast, I didn't even know it could do that. I used a 3rd party app called "SimpleScreenRecorder" which runs in Linux. Yes, I'm running "Linux Mint". I've been running Linux for years now and have no plans to ever go back to Windoze, aside from a VM. @welshblue It wasn't the water, it was the very tall glass of wine I had before making the tut. I wish I could go back to being 21 again. I can't really complain though, as I'm still in decent shape for my age.
  23. I made a screencast tutorial on making a chrome chain in blender. Mostly so I don't forget how I did it, but anyone can try it out if they are adventurous. It's relatively simple as blender animations goes. I'm also attaching the chain path svg and the E-map I used to make the chrome reflection. Good luck trying to figure out my thick Boston accent. Chrome Chain Blender Tut Chain_files.zip
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