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  1. Can you link some? Cant find.
  2. well gradiant was the wrong word i ment crispy/pixelation
  3. No. We now know how it should look like Now we need the effect plugin for that
  4. Well this was not the actual effect we were looking for: It should have the gradiant effect.
  5. Well is how it should look like: one link is how the background looks like and the other is how the effect should look like.
  6. Well that maybe true, but it is so easy cause i use almost all google platforms: Drive, Youtube, Gmail, Keep, Images, Maps, Play books, Chrome remote control, So you just log in once and you are logged in on every site. And the wide range of Addons of privacy that chrome has in their store like: Privacy badger(nobody can track me) and adblock. And! I have read the Terms and Conditions, that my information is mine. Well what would NSA do with my files... only concern is that my files are not in any criminals hands! Well on older laptops there is a very big difference as on many computers, dont argue with me I'm studying IT and have had thousands of pcs in my hand
  7. Why wouldnt u install chrome, fastest browser, but on win10 Edge is abit faster
  8. Well we already solved the problem. open up win10 groove app and see it yourself or maybe i put up a picture with the sniping tool
  9. Well liver is very delicious on toasted rye bread and a bit of butter so it melts and makes everythings soft and juicy, that as breakfast is best breakfast in midweek
  10. Totally Kappa (get the kappa emote chrome plugin)
  11. Still using windows 98?
  12. This is what i meant
  13. Well here an example this shoul be tha frosted glass effect.
  14. That Gaussian blur is abit too far from what it should look like. Any plugins that could do the work?