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  1. For your amusement only.... A team in Wasada University(Japan) published a technical document, a code sample and a Web service, showing how is it possible to turn a grey scale image into full color. The Web service: http://colorize.dev.kaisou.misosi.ru/ Instruction: 1. Click on the big blue button and choose a file 2. Click on the right blue button 3. Wait The algorithm uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to accomplish the results. It isn't perfect, but it could be used as a starting point to which you could further modify using Hue/Saturation and so on.... Example: Marilyn Monroe B/W: Marilyn Monroe Colorized (default):
  2. Anyone have a link to an older version that will work in PDN v3.5.11? *** Never mind, I found one in the deep recesses of my HDD.
  3. Do post an example of that "time-lapse animation" Red, I'd like to see it.
  4. I snapped some great shots of a pretty little Swallow the other day....
  5. The tools I use are very advanced and probably beyond your abilities, however this one looks easy enough and is free: http://www.videohelp.com/software/DVD-slideshow-GUI You should also be able to do it with Windows Movie Maker. I haven't used either so can't help there.
  6. If you mean something like this, I used BoltBait's "Bevel Selection"...
  7. I forgot I had this plugin already. Not a bad little plugin either.....
  8. Perhaps this plugin: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=31670
  9. What about volutes: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=14478
  10. Awesome, that's a great looking little boy. My Grandson was born just 3 weeks ago also.
  11. Please explain how you can "resize it (I shrink it) without changing the resolution"? DPI values are irrelevant to an image editor (or video editor for that matter), only pixel resolution is important. DPI is only important for printing purpose. If your image became blurred after resizing, it's because of the resize algorithm used.
  12. I'm not a "smiley" user, but are there no animated smileys? If not, can we make some like this:
  13. Recently someone PM'd me about how to install PDN v3.5.11 in Linux under Wine. I decided to post instructions here in case anyone else wanted to know. 1) Install Wine. (get it from your distro's s/w repository) 2) Install playon linux. (get it from your distro's s/w repository) 3) Run Playon Linux and create a 32-bit XP virtual drive. 4) Use Playon Linux to install “dotnet40” (DotNet 4.0) on that virtual drive. 5) Use Playon Linux to install “gdiplus” on that virtual drive. 6) Use Playon Linux to install PDN 3.5.11 (It's the latest PDN version I can get running) on that virtual drive. That should create a PDN shortcut on your desktop that you can use to open PDN. You can also drag an image into the shortcut. Good luck.
  14. A workaround is to add a blank layer below your "100" opacity layer, then merge down your 100 layer into blank layer.
  15. PDN format is already compressed. 300MB is not very large, it would easily exceed 1GB were it uncompressed. If you don't have a lot of HDD space, use an external HDD or USB thumbdrive to store your project files.
  16. Or better yet, allowing import of 32-bit png image would make the Trails plugin obsolete.
  17. You can do it using two instances of Gradient. The 1st in normal mode, then the second in transparent mode.
  18. As for my first entry: No I did not shoot and create the fire apple image that I animated, though I'm sure I could if I wanted to. AFAIK it's not copyright, it is open source. It was one of the many excellent Desktop Backgrounds that came with my Linux distro. I can't provide any links to the image, but here is a link to the distros for anyone interested: https://www.linuxmint.com/I highly recommend those distros to anyone interested. Whether or not you want to submit it for voting is your call. In fact you can omit all my entries for voting, I really just don't care. I submit what I think has some artistic value and don't want to offend anyone. Therefore I won't be submitting any more entries in future contests. Good luck to all.
  19. 100% PDN v3.5.11 running in Linux. Plugins used: BoltBait's Flames, Ripple and Midora's Animate Images. Total time: 10 min.
  20. Made with Red's Object Bevel, TR's Intensity Warp and Midora's Animate Images. ** Edited for better animation....
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