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  1. It was a great Superbowl game. Although my Pats didn't win, I'm happy for the Eagles. They really stepped up ad did what they had to do. Besides I'm a fan of real Eagles in the wild.
  2. Glad you got it sorted out Wolfy. PDN v3.5.11 is the latest version I can make run under wine. I wish I could make v4x run, but that seems to be impossible at the moment. The only alternative is to run Windows in a VM. I hate Windows and try to avoid it whenever I can. As for PlayOnLinux, I like and use it for the very few Windows-only programs I need... To be truthful There are plenty of Linux programs out there to replace your old Windows programs. I am down to about 5 much needed Windows programs, which I have no problems running under wine or as a last resort, a VM.
  3. Here is my current collection of E-maps (aka marbles). E-maps_Racer.7z And here is a little something I made with the Crystal_Blue E-map..
  4. The SuperBowl is this Sunday and my team is in it. I wanted to do something special, so I modified the team logo with a colored Chrome effect. I wish I could say that I did this in PDN, but I can't.
  5. Lynx, I like your version of the chromed peace sign. It's a little twisted, but it's cool. If MJW can successfully implement a method to map an E-map around an object, that would be great. I have a few E-maps for various reflections and color textures.
  6. I really hate using Windows, but I had to fire up my Windows VM just to try this TUT. My old version of PDN won't run MJW's plugins. I didn't get as good a result as you, but not too bad just the same.
  7. That's a very creative way to do that and the results are very impressive. very cool...
  8. That is an excellent result Lynx! Yes, do post a tutorial on how you did it. I have an Idea, but want to so how you did it.
  9. Now, don't get excited and ban me. I'm just posting this in the hopes that someone will get an idea to use an E-map to create a reflection on an object for a PDN plugin.
  10. Aside from text, I can use that E-Map I posted to create a chrome effect from virtually any object... Or add a color overlay experimenting with blending mode to get this...
  11. If anyone is interested, here is my Chrome Fonts. They are in an .xcf file. You can open it in PDN if you have the xcf plugin installed. Then you can simply copy and past the letters into whatever you are working on. Chrome_RacerX.xcf_v3.7z
  12. I hope you succeed in creating that chrome reflection effect. I'd like to know how to do that in PDN too. Here is the environmental map I used..
  13. Great and simple solution to the OP's question, welshblue. Well done. I know this has nothing to do with PDN, but there is a Custom Font script available for gimp that allows to use some very extravagant fonts already created or your own custom fonts. I made a few myself like this chrome font. Just posting other solutions...
  14. The way I see it, you have three options. Use a colorize computer algorithm like I did in my post. Paint it yourself like welsh's excellent example. Send your picture out the the (fictional) show CSI to see if they can do it with their super powerful computer.
  15. Thanks for the compliments LionsDragon, Eli, Pixey, Lynxter4 and Seerose. Merry Christmas to all in PDN land and have a happy New Year.
  16. I made this cool effect and thought I'd share.
  17. Yet another reason making an all-in-one installer is a very bad idea.
  18. I must say, those are very "Pro Quality Designs" Lynx. Well done indeed!
  19. The first Mustang is what's referred to as a "Pro Street" car and has a highly modified small block with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger and dual-quads. The second Mustang is basically stock and has a 351 Cleveland engine. Here are some interesting engines. This Roadster has a very rare and exotic 427 SOHC engine. The engine alone is probably worth $80,000 USD... Here is a Legendary 426 HEMI engine in a 70 Dart...
  20. Ahhhh, good old American muscle... This one reminds me of my old 67 Mustang GT with a 428 CobraJet and 4-speed....
  21. Don't know where you find these SeeRose, but they are very interesting...
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