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  1. Much harder than the way I do it, but it works. Thanks...
  2. That's great Welsh. If for some reason you can't do the glass text tut, I actually made a Glass Text custom font if anyone is interested. You'll need the XCF import plugin to open it in PDN though.. Here's the file: Glass.xcf.7z (3.5 MB) P.S. I also made the flag.
  3. I love this one. who the heck (not me) can understand this, anyway? Seriously, I love math, but I don't understand this...
  4. Thank you for that link to that texture site, I'm sure I'll use some of them in future projects. P.S. I also figured out how to do a decent distortion effect on glass text.
  5. I made this glass text in Gimp. I think your's looks better though.
  6. That is one seriously real looking pencil MJW. I would imagine it would fool most people.
  7. Congrats to all winners and entrants. A whole lot of great entries. I tried to vote for all, but ran out of votes. Great job on hosting Lynxter.
  8. No offence, but I prefer the old version of HexagonalGrid which still works with PDN v3.5.11. I use it to make a Gold or Chrome Hexagonal Grid. Nice of you to update just the same...
  9. I wondered a bit with mine.
  10. I used "Impact" font on my letters. Here are some tests with a few e-maps I have on a heart shape since it's Valentines day tomorrow...
  11. This works pretty well, thanks for the improvements....
  12. Yes, congratulations are in order for Pixey, toe_head2001 and Lynxter4. Have fun in your new roles.
  13. It was a great Superbowl game. Although my Pats didn't win, I'm happy for the Eagles. They really stepped up ad did what they had to do. Besides I'm a fan of real Eagles in the wild.
  14. Glad you got it sorted out Wolfy. PDN v3.5.11 is the latest version I can make run under wine. I wish I could make v4x run, but that seems to be impossible at the moment. The only alternative is to run Windows in a VM. I hate Windows and try to avoid it whenever I can. As for PlayOnLinux, I like and use it for the very few Windows-only programs I need... To be truthful There are plenty of Linux programs out there to replace your old Windows programs. I am down to about 5 much needed Windows programs, which I have no problems running under wine or as a last resort, a VM.
  15. Here is my current collection of E-maps (aka marbles). E-maps_Racer.7z And here is a little something I made with the Crystal_Blue E-map..
  16. The SuperBowl is this Sunday and my team is in it. I wanted to do something special, so I modified the team logo with a colored Chrome effect. I wish I could say that I did this in PDN, but I can't.
  17. Lynx, I like your version of the chromed peace sign. It's a little twisted, but it's cool. If MJW can successfully implement a method to map an E-map around an object, that would be great. I have a few E-maps for various reflections and color textures.
  18. I really hate using Windows, but I had to fire up my Windows VM just to try this TUT. My old version of PDN won't run MJW's plugins. I didn't get as good a result as you, but not too bad just the same.