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  1. Great to hear your recovering well! Actually my son is a nurse in a shock trauma unit for a major hospital. Yes he always works 12 hour shifts.
  2. Wow, I had no idea this was going on. I truly hope you have a fast and full recovery Pixey! Sorry I was late posting here, but I just read this today. May God bless you and help with your recovery.
  3. Did this one awhile back, but it fits more or less...
  4. Not mad at all. I post things because I like to post what I consider is cool. Not at all interested in winning. If people like it, then it's cool, if not, that's fine too, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Art is first and foremost very subjective... If I make something I like in the future, I'll post it, rest assured.
  5. First of all, the animation was indeed done in PDN. The chrome reflection is made using one of my E-Maps, which I've previously posted in another thread about chrome reflection. Since this is getting a little ridiculous, please omit my entries from this contest... Thanks.
  6. I think I'll be OK. I'll be retiring from the company, but may still get a part time job or something. It's either that or move across country to another facility. Not in the mood for that anymore.
  7. Well looks like I'll be going into early retirement (58 years old) in a couple of months. I could re-locate to another state, but not in the mood anymore. Been with the company for 38 years and don't feel like starting over again. All the kids have grown up and moved out, but I think it's time to throw in the towel instead of trying something new....
  8. Here's an animated version just for fun...
  9. The dragbike was one of racerx's shapes which was color filled and heavily modified.
  10. There's a workaround, there's always a workaround... Resize the output png image to the size of your original, then put it on new layer. Select the transparency of the png layer, then switch to the image layer and delete. You are effectively using the output image as a template to delete the unwanted background.
  11. I've discovered a cool website to quickly remove the background of an image with people. It only works with people, but does a pretty good job of it. https://www.remove.bg/ Example:
  12. The dithering is only in the GIF version. The full resolution loop video clip is much smoother. Here it is if anyone is interested in a loop video of moon and clouds. Moon_Clouds.mp4 (3.2 MB). Get it while it's hot as it will be deleted in 30 days.
  13. Thanks for the moon Idea. It got me going on making a loopable Moon/Cloud animation to use as a background for video projects.
  14. Be sure to tick the "internet" box, then click the Refresh button to update all filters.
  15. That looks awesome nitenurse79, looks like you've got the hang of that filter pretty quickly.
  16. That's very cool, I didn't know that was even possible....
  17. When you're done, do post an image of your results. I'm curious as to what you come up with....
  18. Nitenurse79, you are very beautiful. Hope you get out of the funk you're in and live life to the fullest. Wishing you happier times.
  19. Yes, I used my canon 70-300 mm lens at the full 300 mm @ F 5.6 to get the shallow DOF (depth of field). I shot in RAW and tweaked it a bit in DarkTable. It's an old camera now, but she still gets great shots now and then.
  20. Yeah, I like planes too. Here is one of my favorite shots...
  21. Pretty good HyRez. You got skillz.. I'd post more of mine, but I don't want this to be a pissing match.
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