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  1. Thank-you for your great suggestions. I've found Aardvark to be suitable for my purpose. Cheers.
  2. Hello there. I'm trying to find if there is a Paint.net plugin that will easily tile an image into a configurable number of tiles. I can do it quite easily in Irfanview but would like to have a Paint.net way of doing it also. I tried DataDink's plug-in but it instantly closes /crashes Paint.net, and I've tried Search to no avail. Can anybody assist, please? Thanks in advance.
  3. I received the following error today after updating the browser database: Everything seemed to work fine afterwards, although using ryanr23's Shadow effect takes a very long time to render changes. Is that normal? Cheers.
  4. OK... disregard the entire above post. I kept thinking that the issue was resolved but it is not. Paint.net on my computer takes 5 minutes to open an image THE FIRST TIME it is executed. If I wait the 5 minutes (during which time the computer is entirely unresponsive, although keystrokes are saved and executed after the 5 minute waiting period), then close Paint.net and then open the same, or a different image, it fires right up as it should. This issue is deeper than I initially thought and must relate more to other software/drivers on the computer than to Paint.net. I'
  5. I would just like to mention that I've been a 'victim' of very long opening times (yes, the three-to-five minutes as mentioned above), and because of this post I found that my Effects folder contained two .txt files and a .pdn. When they were deleted opening times returned to normal. I've been frustrated by that for months! Glad to say it's now fixed. Looks like it's a no-no to have any foreign file-types in the Effects folder. It would seem that I was incorrect in my above 'resolution'. (I neglected to rename the Effects folder back after changing it). However, when
  6. I get the above error (Win 10 'anniversary' 64bit) but when I click the Yes button I get this: After clicking OK, all seems to load properly. Is there anything I can do to avoid the error? Thanks in advance.
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