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  1. This is probably related to the same Mr - Troubleshooting & Bug Reports - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
  2. they mean it's a file type association
  3. Installed version 4.3 just now and it seems to work for me. You're saying you double-click a picture and paint.net starts up with the default 800x600 canvas? Mind sharing details about the file type (e.g. PNG, JPEG, etc.?). If you make a picture in paint.net and save it to desktop, can you open it correctly? That might tell whether this is an issue based around the image you're trying to open or not
  4. I'm pretty sure there's no OCR plugin for PDN yet. Character recognition is a fairly specialized and difficult task. Any plugin someone would write is just going to link off to a website somewhere, so your best bet is to find something online for it or in another program.
  5. I think this is probably the culprit I'll try updating links to my downloads now
  6. I've attached a copy of it to this message for you. All effect plugins are installed the same way, by dropping things in the Effects folder, usually located at C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects (or wherever else you've installed or placed paint.net). Open the zip by clicking on it and you should be able to just drag the .dll to the Effects folder, then restart paint.net. Replace Colors V1.0.zip
  7. Also consider the use of Parallel.For() if you're copying a large bitmap and you're not delegating this to a GPU yourself (which I imagine you're not in your plugin)
  8. You could be clever with assumptions that are correct and likely never to change, but why bake in an assumption? Do you really lose anything by using Stride? If in the future, paint.net adds overloads to deal with lower-bit data or something like that, the image format and therefore stride may be different. But since the API is already exposed with the expectation that you're using Stride, there will be no accommodation for your plugin when those changes roll around; it will simply stop working at that time. You only lose the time spent resolving a variable, which is fractions of a single millisecond (at best)
  9. it's not great for tablet drawing so all the drawn styles are more or less not going to happen. That leaves mostly digital stuff like 24-bit, pixel art, and whatever photomanips you get with filters
  10. I know that brush stroke history will not include strokes that cover zero region (outside canvas or selection). Perhaps after a user finishes a meaningless brush stroke, if there's an active selection then there could be some kind of visual cue for it. This would cater directly to fixing UI friction, so it'd be worth jotting down somewhere I think. Correct me if I'm wrong though
  11. To be fair, if it was screenshotted outside of 100% zoom, I wouldn't have been able to compare fonts to match tahoma 8pt to it. Meaning this was screenshotted at 100%, so it's not a viewing artifact. I'm not really sure what it is. But to Rick's point, if you upload the exact same file as a png (instead of a screenshot of how it displays for you) and let us look at it, that would rule out driver display issues too. I suspect something else is going on and it's neither zoom nor your GPU drivers.
  12. Are you screenshotting while zoomed in? Is your image DPI not the normal 96? For others: this is Tahoma 8pt font with no anti-aliasing.
  13. Can't make requests to have others do an image editing task here. If you want help with how it might be done, you can ask that though. There isn't a lot of advice to be had either way. Basically use clone stamp over the letters with a wood texture so it looks like they were never there, then edit the letters to look like gibran 27. Problem is there's no easy trick for any of this. Blur shadows when done, add tiny dots and edge highlights, etc. to letters.
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