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    Trail Blur is more or less a souped-up Motion Blur. I considered calling it Motion Blur+, but decided not to, since the default settings are quite different. The main extra feature is the ability to cause the blur to fade at the trailing end, giving a direction to the motion. That's something I've sometimes wanted that isn't available with Motion Blur. The other significant additional feature is the option of curved (circular) paths. The plugin: Trail Blur.dll Here is the UI: The description from the Help menu: Trail Blur creates a movement blur similar to the built-in Motion Blur effect, but with a number of additional options. The blur can fade away, and the blur's path can curve. The controls are: Angle: For straight blurs, the direction of motion. For curved blurs, the final direction of the motion. Distance: The length of the blur, in pixels. Curvature: The motion curvature. When 0, the motion is straight. When positive, the motion is clockwise. When negative, the motion is counterclockwise. Shift: The blur's position. When 0, the motion ends at the original position. When 1, the motion begins at the original position. Fade Amount: The maximum amount of fading. When 1, the path nearly disappears at the beginning of the motion. When 0, the blur does not fade. Fade Profile (Linear to Exponential): The profile of the blur fade. When 0, the blur fades linearly. When 1, the blur fades exponentially. Sample Spacing: The distance between blur samples. There are always an integer number of samples over the blur path. When 0, the number of samples equals the blur length, so the samples are one pixel apart. Positive values increase spacing, decreasing the number of samples. This can be used to produce multiple-exposure effects. Negative values decrease spacing, increasing the number of samples. This is sometimes useful for producing smoother blurs. Brightness Enhancement: The amount to increase brightness. In some instances, particularly when used with black backgrounds, increasing the brightness can be used to counteract the decrease in brightness that results from spreading out pixels over long blurs. Opacity Enhancement: The amount to increase opacity. In some instances, particularly when used with transparent backgrounds, increasing the opacity can be used to counteract the decrease in opacity that results from spreading out pixels over long blurs. Clamp to Canvas: The method for treating off-canvas pixels. When unchecked, pixels that are outside the canvas do not affect the blurred image. When checked, outside pixels are included, and are considered to have the color of the border pixels. This option is mostly intended for backgrounds of constant color. Some of the controls, such as the Brightness and Opacity Enhancements may be of delectable usefulness, Though I'd normally have an antialias feature for this type of plugin, it's already slow enough for long blurs on large images, and setting the Sample Spacing control below 1 can often achieve a similar result.
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    Thanks everyone! --- Here's a little scene inspired by the Kowloon walled-city. It's a bit like the one I made a few months ago entitled Favelas. https://blastwaves.deviantart.com/art/Kenosa-Street-745646302
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    Love this souped-up Plugin @MJW πŸ‘ Thank You.
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    We still have some very active plugin developers: @MadJik, @toe_head2001, @BoltBait, @ReMake, @xod, @Joshua Lamusga, @KrisVDM, @null54, @MJW, @pyrochild and @Ego Eram Reputo. Thanks to all of you! But yes, @Red ochre and @TechnoRobbo are greatly missed.
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    I like this plugin.
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    Not quite an enchanted garden, but for me a garden of enchantment.... This is the follow-up to "Flowerland in Winter." I've decided to make a piece for each season, and possible a few more. This is...well, this was actually the view from my mother's kitchen window.
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    I think I've found a way to use this plugin to emulate the Predator vision with reasonably convincing results, although I may be wrong. In case you're unfamiliar with the Predator movies franchise, I'm talking about these alien reptilian guys with a few sight issues they overcome by wearing helmets featuring various thermal vision modes. I think I've achieved one of such thermal vision modes in few steps, and I hope I'm not making a ridicule of myself πŸ™„ Original: Through Predator vision: Whether my result looks convincing or not, I had a moment of amusement, so thanks a lot for this much appreciated effect πŸ‘
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    @Red ochre, and @TechnoRobbo! I still miss you guys.
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    I've got more planned than perf and fixes this time ...
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    I, too, love this @MJW Great examples above from everyone!! ☺️
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    A big pile of thanks for you! @MJW
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    Hi Maximilian, These are my results, and I've had my feelings of happiness. Thanks for the very good description, which made the reworking very pleasant. Greetings lifeday
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    And the winners are: A tie for 1st place to @lynxster4 & @Pixey with 7 votes each 2nd place to @MJW with 6 votes 3rd place to @MJW with 5 votes Congratulation to you all. I tossed a coin and won so I will let @DrewDale know what I choose for the next subject πŸ”ͺ Many thanks for all of your entries
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    Picture: Girl in an ice cave I just couldn't resist trying this picture with "Shadow" on this beautiful ice wall.
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    Dear @lifeday! I saw it from you, and I tried it right away. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
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    My first test with "Shadow". I find this little plugin very helpful. Thanks for that!
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    @LionsDragon That is so beautiful and peaceful! ❀️ Now I lay me down to sleep...😊
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