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    Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17) Name: TGAngle (Tone Gradient Angle)* Description: Shows the relative angle of the tone gradient giving various emboss effects. Menu: Stylize Original release date: 10th July 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: TGAngle Compatibility: Tested on Pdn3.5.11 and latest Pdn4 version. TGAngle.zip Firstly let me thank MJW! - I used the super-sampling techniques he showed me when writing 'Aardvark'. There are already similar effects available but the AAsmoothing and colouring blend choices should make this useful too. Run this on a layer with an image that has some variation in tone. The built-in 'Clouds' is good to test on. So are photographs but you will get better results if you resize the image to a reasonable size - say less than 1000 pixels (max side). Do try the metallic colouring options too!(These were designed to work with the colouring slider at halfway but do experiment). Hopefully you should see some screen shots below (image hosts permitting) that should give you some ideas. Please show me what you can create with it! *(Tone Gradient Magnitude gives good outline effects too - but I haven't finished writing that yet).
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    New artwork. The Endless Circle. Listening to Pink Floyd. Carefree
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    Fractal attractor What's this? Still looking for textures and fractal generator this plugin is based on this link! The result is impressive. This is a texture plugin. It replaces the selection (or fill the active layer if no selection). Tip: Give better results with large images (5000x5000 or 4000x3000 or 3200x2400). Download it! Plugin Fractal attractor.dll Here is the DLL It will be added in the next package release... MadJik all plugins pack How to install Close Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Texture. Distortion X: this value has an influence on the calculation of X (horizontal). Distortion Y: this value has an influence on the calculation of Y (vertical). Details: Low value to have more surface, High value to have more pixels. Formula: choose begin 4 formulas (using Sin/Cos/Tan in various ways). Chaos 1 to 4 mix all the formulas. Zoom: zoom... it isn't a real zoom as the aspect could change (more/less details). Level: this affect the number of color/grey to use. Origine: you could move the center. Color mode: choose between grey levels, or a formula (using Sin,Cos or Tan) to give colored result. Color channels: r for red, g for grenn, b for blue, choose to replace the channels each over. Some examples: initial size 4000x3000 reduced to 800x600 and autolevel. initial size 5000x5000 reduced to 500x500. Enjoy...
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    Back to the forum, I present you some material (most of time abstract). Click to see original (4.3Mb 3200x2400) Click to see original (7.3Mb 4000x3000) Click to see original (3.8Mb 4000x3000) Click to see original (14.5Mb 3200x2400)
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    Wow! It has been nearly 10 months since I last posted an image. Thank you everyone for your lovely words. Life has been a little crazy but it is getting better. Here are some new images I have been working on. Dainty (Julie's Cactus Flower) Kiss Cut
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    100% PDN. @Red ochre's Seascape tute and Tone Gradient Angle, @welshblue's cliff rock, some helpful tutorials from @Maximilian, @Ego Eram Reputo's Which Symbol Plus, plus what seems like half the plugins @BoltBait and @KrisVDM invented...and a lot of Norwegian pride and love. Both sides of my family hail from the Hardangerfjord (about 20 miles apart!), so that's where I chose to set the piece. Hrafna is the feminine form of Hrafn, Old Norse for raven--and as I think I've mentioned, blackbirds are extremely special to me. Lots of love to my PDN "family" for helping me build my confidence! @Rick Brewster, you deserve all the good luck for creating this software and this community. I think I need coffee now.
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    I'm still looking for the egg .
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    July Update Three new plugins this month, including a couple of new ones from the legendary MadJik. Cool to have you back on the forum Bro! Fractal attractor MadJik Renders abstract fractals to the selection or layer. Many options including distortion, detail, colorization and zoom level. Soon to be added to the Magical Plugins Megapack. Recolor Using Palette MJW Recolors each pixel with the nearest color from a specified range in the current palette. The Euclidean distance is used to make the match (minimizes the squared differences between the RGB components) Sierpinski triangle MadJik Renders the Sierpinski triangle (an infinitely repeating pattern of equilateral triangles) to a selection or layer. Many options including colorization and zoom level. Soon to be added to the Magical Plugins Megapack.
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    Mini-tutorial on my dished buttons: 1. open a reasonably sized, single layer canvas - I generally use the default 800x600 (NB: it doesn't have to be square). 2. fill the entire canvas with your base color. 3. open Effects > Render > Shape3D. 4. change the Depth Radius to around 0.3. This gives the button a nice domed appearance. 5. turn on Antialiasing. Level 4 or 5 is perfect to eliminate the rough outer rim. 6. increase the Strength of Light to 1.2 7. change the Specular Highlight to 0.1 8. hit Ok. 9. duplicate the layer. 10. the upper layer should be selected. If not, select it. 11. press Ctrl+Shift+Z to open the Rotate/Zoom dialog 12. hold Shift down while you drag the outer roll control to the 180 degree position. 13. reduce the zoom to around 0.8 14. if required, use the pan feature to recenter the reduced image. You could use Align Object, but I'm lazy and just eyeball it. 15. hit OK 16. apply Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur on the upper layer at radius of 25 or so. 17. flatten and save,
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    Adding gold to make a stately home just that bit more stately
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    Testing postimage hosting with new images: Testing the furblur plugin by Red Ochre one is inspired by an anim movie from studio Ghibli, guess which one?
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    "Sons of the Muses" David Bowie, David Lynch, David Byrne in front of the Temple of the Muses at the Acropolis. All digitally painted in PDN using outlines from photographs.
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    Another critter for my collection.
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    Here's my first 'spacescape'....I call it Starbirth. You never know what is going on inside those nebulas...
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    Trump visits the tower and look what happens ! @Red ochre Looks like your plugin is making around the world! Well done to another great plugin
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    This is a public beta/preview of the soon-to-be-released 4.0.17 update. There are a lot of small fixes and changes and so I'm actually releasing a beta. This is not available via the built-in updater, even if you have "Also check for betas" enabled. This saves me a ton of time -- it task about as long to publish a beta that way as it does to publish a regular release. Here are the changes, which aren't sorted very well (like by importance/relevance): Fixed very slow performance opening the Effects menu when lots of plugins are installed after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update Fixed: Gradient tool no longer applies dithering "outside" of the gradient (in areas that should have a solid color) Added: "Fluid mouse input" option in Settings -> UI -> Troubleshooting. If you see major glitches while drawing, try disabling this. Fixed: When cropping and then performing an undo, the scroll position was totally wrong Fixed a rendering glitch in the Save Configuration dialog (things would "wiggle") Improved: Default brush size, font size, and corner radius size now scales with major DPI scaling levels (brush size of 2 at 100% scaling, brush size of 4 at 200% scaling, etc) Improved: Default image size now scales with major DPI scaling levels (800x600 at 100%, 1600x1200 at 200%, etc.) Improved: Removed "hold Ctrl to hide handle" from the Text tool because it was not useful and caused lots of confusion Improved performance and drawing latency by removing explicit calls to System.GC.Collect() except when low memory conditions are encountered Improved performance by greatly reducing object allocation amplification by reducing the concurrency level when using ConcurrentDictionary, and by removing WeakReference allocations in favor of direct GCHandle usage Improved (reduced) CPU usage when moving the mouse around the canvas Fixed: At certain brush sizes, the brush indicator on the canvas had a visual glitch in it due to a bug in Direct2D Fixed: Text tool buttons for Bold, Italics, Underline were not localized for a few languages Fixed: Various high-DPI fixes, including horrible looking mouse cursors caused by a bug in the latest .NET WinForms update Fixed a rare crash related to taskbar thumbnails Fixed: Drawing with an aliased brush and opaque color (alpha=255) sometimes resulted in non-opaque pixels due to a bug in Direct2D's ID2D1RenderTarget::FillOpacityMask Fixed: "Olden" effect should no longer cause crashes (it still has some rendering artifacts due to its multithreading problems, however) New: Portable mode can be enabled via a setting in the .exe.config, which will redirect app settings into a local JSON file (see blog/forum post for details) Download link ... none here, there's a newer build
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    Thanks Red. Here is a combination of two of your plugins. In this case I used Tone Gradient Angle to make the reflection map using clouds as source. I then overlayed the reflection map when exporting GIF, as apposed to applying Tone Gradient Angle to each frame like I did in the previous animation.
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    LionsDragon and barbieq25, thanks for saying thanks! Thanks for the image Eli ... but the gold paint isn't quite dry yet!
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    Sierpinski triangle remastered What's this? If you look for Sierpinski triangle over the forum you'll find a sample for the Codelab. I tried it (in 2008 or so) and found it too light and poor. So I wanted to give a try to this sample but the project fell asleep... Recently I found another approch to the formula on this site so... This is a texture plugin. It replaces the selection (or fill the active layer if no selection). Tip: Give better results with square images 512x512 1024x1024 2048x2048 4096x4096 etc. Download it! Plugin Sierpinski.dll Here is the DLL It will be added in the next package release... MadJik all plugins pack How to install Close Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Texture. Zoom: Zoom in (>10 bigger "pixels") Zoom out (<10 less pixels) Origine: you could move the center. Reflect: show the inverted image (Y values). Use Color: If checked calculs the colors of a pixel based on the number of neighbors "On". Level: this affect the number of color to use and the number of neighbors to test. Bigger the value is slower the rendering is (say "hello" to more neighbors could take time!). Color adjustment: change the color spectre. Some examples: size 512x512 size 512x512 size 800x600 initial size 4000x2250 reduced to 800x450, some more work on this one (SeamlessTextureMaker, blended multilayers, etc.) And a new sig: Enjoy...
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    While I was testing new plugins I save some images I would share. 1. Monster (inspired by ELI image 2. Cold flame (Fractal attractor and beyond...) 3.a Sierpinski triangle reworked 3.b Sierpinski triangle reworked + polar transformation 4. Sierpinski triangle + motion sharpen + polar transformation 5. Fractal attractor and magnifier
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    @Seerose, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I've been trying our Madjik's new plugin - Fractal Attractor. Love the versatility of this plugin https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/111491-fractal-attractor-]ymd170628/#comment-532372 This one is called Fatal Attraction - Torus.
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    Here's another in the genre of Stained Glass (my obsession continues...) This is a rough texture glass piece. Watch out, don't cut yourself! (haha) Please enjoy!
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    @LionsDragonI do like koi images. There is something intrinsically elegant (to steal your words) about koi fish. 2 new ones that I completed after them sitting for about a year in my "to finish" box. The outline for the ducks was made with Curly Lines. An experiment really & from that came My Lobster's in Love - Polar Inversion Plus. Mandarin Ducks My Lobster's in Love
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    Always wondered how my engine would look Gold-Plated...
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    Nice for making beveled frames :
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    Great plugin @Red ochre! I love this! Jade lettering anyone?
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    Here's a photo manip. I just love this pic of the flowers...it's a wallpaper from a collection in the Windows Store called "Life in Lavender'. Original: Painting on Canvas: Watercolor: I had fun doing these....shows you how a few plugins and tweaks can change a picture so drastically. Hope you enjoy!!
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    Hi there what's up, I was passing nearby and I said to myself I should give a try to this competition to brush up my paint.net skill...
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    This plugin should be pinned. Great fun, thank you for this, here's my try.
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    Thank you @dipstick for the 'ObjectEdge' suggestion! It solved a problem I was having achieving a certain effect. @Red ochre ....yes, you definitely have to use "EdgeShader' on the text first before 'TG Angle' will work! Thank you, again for a wonderful plugin! Your plugin and Dippy's suggestions are the solution to PS's 'hard-chisel bevel' and 'satin' double contour.
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    I made this plugin to get rid of random ink blots on scanned pages. There are two modes, one builds clusters of pixels outside tolerance of the secondary color, the other builds clusters of pixels within tolerance of the primary color. If the cluster is within the size thresholds, it is painted over with the secondary color. It's found under Effects/Noise Download: ClusterClearEffect.zip Example pics: The source code is available here: https://github.com/edwardx999/PaintDotNetClusterClear This is my first plugin (my first C# project, in fact) so it's not very advanced yet. If you have any suggestions please tell. Also, I couldn't find the formula Paint.Net uses to calculate tolerance, so if you know it, please tell me. 7/16/17 Added Clustering Modes and Linked Sliders 7/15/17 Initial Release
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    Welcome back @BlastWave Paint defenses up and scouting for your tanks.
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    Another great addition to our collection @Red ochre of plugins. I think it replaces a few tutorials as well. Surprised you didn't make a reference to your fingers. Gave me a thought.
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    Nice new, spanking and cool Plugin @Red ochre thank you. I had a quick play around and it's a fantastic teture for making frames
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    Thank you @LionsDragon, not cool but I feel more relaxed than I have done in years. Here are some that didn't make the deadline for the comp. I got the line idea from Google but I worked the entire image. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/82/5e/ba/825eba091bd32d9be80acfc149fc8cec--canadian-maple-leaf-adult-colouring-pages.jpg The leaf fill was a photo I took of my plants a while back.
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    Testing some fractal attractor...