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    Paint.NET is a very useful tool and does everything I needed from Photoshop. Except for one thing: in Photoshop it's possible to adjust the text kerning/spacing. This was not possible in Paint.NET and I couldn't find a plugin for it. So I decided to write one myself! Please let me know of any issues and/or feature requests! Download here: SpacedTextPlugin.zip It's under Effects -> Text Formations -> Spaced Text Tested on Paint.NET 4.0.17 Note: this plugin clears the layer on which it is used. Make sure to create a new layer when using this effect! Features Text spacing adjustment Automatic line wrapping Alignment to left, right, centered or justified Configurable anti-aliasing quality Supports bold, italic and underline styles Renders inside selection Known issues No support for OTF fonts Letter spacing doesn't work for Asian and Hebrew characters Justify option together with negative letter spacing causes lines to be chopped off at the right side Source code is available from https://github.com/simmetric/Paint.NET-Plugins (this is for software developers)
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    @lynxster4! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27430-seeroses-gallery-dreaming-of-water-lily-2017/&page=20 "Of Ghostly Might"
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    amazing that you got the curvature correct without using a map.............. Anyway, even though my images were dis-allowed, I have no problem uploading my own map. Everyone is free to use it at will........
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    Object of the Fortnight #4 – Pocket Watch ? The deadline for entries is 0700 UTC (7:00 AM UK Time) on Monday, March 20. To see how that equates to other countries, see the World Time clock or the UTC Time Zone map. Competition Rules: 1. Your entry must not have a background/backdrop/scene; just the object on a transparent canvas. Shadows are fine. 2. Your entry must be 100% made using Paint.net. Don't use another image editor. Don't use stock images/photos (in full or parts thereof). 3. Max dimensions are 800x800. 4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline. 5. Multiple entries per entrant are allowed. Make a separate post for each one. You may link to alternative versions, but they will not be part of your entry. This thread is for posting competition entries only. If you're not posting an entry, don't post here. If you want to talk about any of the entries, or ask a question regarding the competition, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.
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    Well, if you don't mind, I'll gently encourage you throughout the year. Just let me know when I become a 'nag'.
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    First be sure, that your choosen fontsize isn't to big and you are not to much zoom in to your workspace. Blending mode should be "normal". And if your background color is, for example, white, your foreground color for text should be something different. If you have previously selected an area your text is only visible in this area. If it is to small, you can see nothing. More tips: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/TextTool.html
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    What starts with 'w' and ends with 'hat'.
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    @Pixey, @Maximilian, @Seerose thank you! I think some of the original series might be on YouTube; I recommend looking it up! Oh, and Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot (the guys in my picture) are actually robots built by a janitor/inventor who was kidnapped and launched into space...it's a weird show, but SO brilliant!
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    Trump's Twitter account is not something you should study for how to interact with people.
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    Max, that is absolutely gorgeous! The detail is wonderful! Yes, great book and movie! (I'm a horror/sci-fi/fantasy type) Now, I have to ask (again)....where is your gallery??? If you are doing all this sketching and then adding fine details with PDN, that would make a great gallery!! Thank you for sharing the full-size image.
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    Dear @Maximilian! Very inspirational. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.
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    Thank you for noticing the new guy (I love The Stand) It began as a pencil-on-paper sketch, and then I added feathers and other details in PdN. Here's the guy in full size if you want to pay a look at him (click on thumbnail):
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    @Maximilian, hahaha, indeed! Love your new av. Reminds me of a crow right out of a Stephen King novel (The Stand)...great work! @Woodsy, thank you! @Pixey, thank you so much! Thank you, @Seerose! Glad you like it. @Red ochre...me, too! I actually see a whole skeletal body, so I imagined him sitting on a throne. Thank you! @AndrewDavid, thank you. Yes, it was a lot of fun creating him! @LionsDragon, no Elvis today (haha). That's more up @Pixey's alley (Pixey...hint, hint...). Thanks so much, LD!
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    Well, I'm going to geek out for a bit here if I might. One of the greatest TV shows of all time is making a return! I had to, I just had to. I regret nothing!
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    Added 15 different presets for creation of portraits in Pop Art style to the first post (Pop_Art.zip).
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    Organigram has had a little update, with a handful of new options: Render Spokes: deselect to stop spokes from being drawn. Render Center Bubble: deselect to stop central shape from being drawn. Spoke Length Increment: Use a value (+/-) to increase or decrease successive spoke lengths. Spoke Angle Increment: Use a value (+/-) to increase or decrease the successive spoke angles. These make it possible to create spiral charts like this:
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    With the texture I used the "Random Shape Fill" plugin over and over and over then faded it to my liking. For the laces I used the "Line" tool and looked at a picture of a baseball for a comparison. But the important part is putting a radial gradient in transparency mode on the texture to make it look realistic.
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    Good evening; Here is a plugin that I use to create logos; I share it if you want to try it. On the other hand it is in French, if really you find it interesting I will try to translate it. For the plugin you can add as much annotation as you want to your image, then to apply an effect to your text you have to be careful that it is selecting :: The plugin is in Effect ----> CreaText ------> CreaLogo There it is, thanks Rogers.dll
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    Two sets of gradients are added to the first post: Silvery, and Vintage.
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    Thank you so much @ReMake for the additional colors . And here is my rendition using the golds - which I'm loving .
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    Lovely images Seerose - many thanks for posting them.
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    Update posted. Thanks to @Eli we have a slew of new options when pasting tiles. These transformations are shown on the active (semi transparent) tile when the mouse is in the tiling pane. Click the mouse wheel = rotate the active tile by 90 degrees clockwise. Mouse wheel up = flip top to bottom Mouse wheel down = flip left to right These options make it possible to quickly create new tile orientations on the fly.