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[does not work] Paint.Net Plugin Manager X! New Version JUST Released!

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This is great, I'd been hope it would become a default part of paint.net for some time now but a plugin works too. One of the main things I would like to see is an update manager in it. It could connect to to a list online and check each Dll's version. Getting the online connection part to work would be hard I think... In short, I want a plugin manager that can do the stuff the one in firefox can. Although I understand it would require a commitment from the core team to setup a online service, I think that PDN deserves such a service. If it wasn't for the plugins here, artists like myself wouldn't be able to use PDN as a primary tool. This plugin is a huge step in the right direction for PDN, great job and thank you!

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I don't see the point in this really, I'm pretty happy to click on the shortcut I create in My Documents to the PDN Plugin folder and delete and add stuff from there when I want.

Having a program replacing a Windows Explorer way of doing things dosen't make sense to me.

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it's not the question of having another way to manage the .dll files, it's the easiness for the newbies that don't know how to install them AND this being the next step for the development of a plugin manage system, personally I too prefer to go manualy to the folder and install myself but other might not... this is for those users

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Except that from what I understand with this plugin the only difference is that you place the plugins in a different folder.

No... it puts the plugins in the default folder, only if Paint.Net is installed elsewhere it searches for the Effects folder on that location... and when you remove a plugin this app moves it to a default location of the PManager to store them for future re-installations...

I'm guessing that this will only work with "installed" versions of PdN...

Ya think?... ;) He's saying that PdN didn't create a proper registry key because he installed it on a usb drive thus making the location change from pc to pc (i think...)

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Hey guys, seems im getting some good attention :)

Im sorry for all the people who have a 'portable' install of Paint.Net, but finding an install of PDN that doesnt have a registry key, it like looking for a needle in a haystack, because i can know what drive, or folder, or sub sub sub folder its been placed in, doing a search like that would need me to put a Splash screen up, taking a good 20-40 seconds to load, so i dont think so :D

@people who think it would be easier to save a shortcut to the 'Effects' folder,

Remember, when a person first downloads a plugin, they arent going to know where to put it, because PDN doesnt have a 'Plugins' folder, instead it has an 'Effects' folder, which in my own experience, puzzled me on where i should place them!

Also, touching upon an update manager, i think PDN does that fine itself, it updates itself regularly, and wanting to upgrade/downgrade? i dont think anybody in their right minds would want to!

Soon PDN Plugin Manager will have some new functionality, too make it have more of a PDN feel, being able to bring up and LOAD any plugin you want! So you can see its Name, Version,

and even its Interface!

Also, new commands and possibly some advanced coding could allow for some very handy features! but ill keep those to myself until i can be sure i can achieve them!

Ill try to update the Manager Daily, adding or fixing problems or new features.

Thanks guys!

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Alright, there is a bug. You cannot update a plugin... If you try to install a .DLL with the same name as a .DLL already installed the program crashes.

Okay, i can fix that now.

When you try to install 2 plugins with the same name which would you prefer:

-A prompt asking you if you wanted to:

A. Overwrite the Plugin

B. Rename the Plugin your adding


-Have the 2 clashing plugins version checked, and keeping the newer one?

Either way it can be done, just one will take longer than another, until im sure which si wanted, ill just add some error checking, to stop crashes.


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New Version out now:

Paint.Net Plugin Manager 1.3

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed Crash when a file existed in Both the Plugins Folder, and the Effects folder

New Features:

-If you have an older Version of a Plugin installed, and you use the Manager to install a new one, it now deletes the older version, and installs the new one!

-Slight code improvements

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Im not entirely sure its worth adding the ability to browse for the 'Effects' folder, because, to be truely honest, it would take just as long to copy the plugins, and paste them into the directory manually, so im sorry, but im not going to add the ability to browser for an installation directory, as it does that fine as long as you installed it properly.


Will PDN 4.0 have a built in plugin manager? Because if it is, how long would the manager be useful to the user's here?

Anyways, ill keep adding now things to this project until its not useful anymore! :)

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Well I downloaded it and it did what it says it will, I like the layout and it's going to be great for new people like me to better understand about the plug-in's and where they go, great job..10/10


Captain need more power. Are more PDN hehe

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Great tool/plugin (whatever you want to call it), I think. But what about those people that have a lot of plugins? Why not try to get it to say how many plugins you have installed and how many not. Maybe even which ones are not installed?

"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

My Gallery Check it out!

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Thanks for the Ups :D


It does tell you which are installed and which aren't, the left list, happens to be Plugins that aren't installed ( but can be ), and the right list is of the Plugins that are installed ( and can be removed! )

I think ill add a Plugin counter tonight, and try work on some of the more annoying feat's :)

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