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  1. i think peewee herman got locked up for abusing his wife O_o crazy guy i think well i know this aint me but i thought it was a rather funny picture of my brother thought id post it since he cruises the forums in my name workin on tutorials sometimes
  2. i was refering about boltbaits once u optimize it i made the coin in my avi with ur plugin dll tho it made it real simple
  3. i remember and old onefrom a while back dont take offense to those wet blankets out their its a joke :\ ok three mexicans got caught by the border patrol trying to get into america. so the officer sees their torn clothes and cuts and bruises and feels sorry for them and says " if you can use green pink and yellow in a sentence ill let u into america." the first two cant do it, when he comes to the third mexican he says Hidden Content: " the phone goes green green i pink it up and go yellow!!!"
  4. cant say that i have are they any good O_o what genre are they ?
  5. awww as long as u found a way to help u feel good bout yourself thats cool loli never quoted anything b4 that one took me a bit ;( guess whos mcloving :o
  6. lol thanks the fire was a lot of trial and error :\
  7. just a few of my pics ive made from various tutorials and just messing around with pdn more to come ^^^^^ stock image \/\/\/ http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z140/TRANESF/nicolas_bois1.jpg
  8. lol jake yeah only thing is it takes a lot more gel and whatnot to get it spikey lol
  9. i posted a pic or two iin here just thought update my look a bit yes yes thats my attempt at a mohawk ignore the hair on the sides turns out my hair grows faster then anyone i know only had it for a week shaving my head every day got annoying :\
  10. flobots - stand up & handlebars cant get enough of em
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