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  1. I meant to upload it, sorry.
  2. Okay, so I've been working out to some old VHS tapes with my wife. I wanted to get the look that they have. So I worked out a few pretty easy steps. There are a few technical things I'm overlooking such as interlacing and exact chroma resolution but I think the look works pretty well. Required Plugins: - Extract Channel - BlendModes Plus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-pixel Distortion Method (For working with 720x480/640x480 images, or making a larger im
  3. Okay I see how awesome that clipboard thing is. I'll try to make a version of this plugin with that feature by next week. I also plan on removing the alpha mask part of this plugin because it seems to be a source of confusion.
  4. Awesome, thanks! I'm a little out of touch when it comes to programing. BTW, I wasn't bashing Curtis' mapping plugins. I was worried that it sounded that way. If his displacement plugin had all the features of this one I would delete my own and use his better UI.
  5. I just got back to working with PDN. I've been MIA for a long time, sorry. Yeah, I know this is sort of an odd plugin being a mixed Alpha/Displacement mapping plugin. The reason I made it that way is because I hate having to dig through the hundreds of plugins in PDN just to get to the one I want. I wanted to have a universal mapping plugin. I know that Curtis has made several mapping plugins that have "better" UIs than mine but this one still has a few features that are needed by myself and others. These features include adjustment of neutral value, standard edge behavior, mask alpha clippi
  6. Thanks MadJik! You're always rescuing me from my own programing monsters. I put in src instead of rect but I got this error. 'PaintDotNet.Surface' does not contain a definition for 'Right' I don't think that part of the code is an issue anyway. I can hard code it for that image using 799 and 599 instead of rect.Right and rect.Bottom and I still get the same issue. Though you may be on the right track because I have no idea what is wrong with it. Thanks MadJik!
  7. Help, help... I have an issue with my code that I just can't figure out. I made my own code for AA and color fixing edges but I've found that in many cases it doesn't fix the area that it should. Instead it just drifts off target as the user increases the size of the loops used to detect and fix edges. It's harder to notice for the AA because the loops are much smaller but for the color fixing it's a bit issue. It feel like a 1off error some where in the code but I can't find it. Here is a shot of the issue in action. (note: the code can remove green screen but was set to low sensitivity to m
  8. To see current issue click the link below. viewtopic.php?f=27&t=29414 It's been awhile since I made a plugin but that's because I only make 'em when I need them in the field. I needed this one for an upcoming project. it's not perfect but it helps a lot! SR.zip SR.7z effect=>object I may add to it if need more function later. If you want more function from it or find a bug just tell me or feel free to write your own plugin using this code. YEeeeAHhh.... about the code... yes it's all 100% mine I'm sorry to say. It looks awful and if you're thinking to yourself "man it looks lik
  9. I can only use GIMP on my Ubuntu box. My Windows box uses Windows XP x64 which isn't supported by GIMP. I do hate being tied to Windows and plan to completely move to Ubuntu mid 2009. I have to make some choices, such as will I virtualize or dual boot windows. With the way virtualization is going, I think I'll move that way. But I'm still hoping to see a version of PDN for Linux that's fully supported. There is Mono Paint but it hasn't been updated in like five months To GIMP's credit, their new versions are a little easier to use. Maybe I'll go in GIMP's direction, IDK.
  10. Although the screen-shot you included is a little small for me to tell what's going on, the plugin seems to be working fine. 1. Issue one here may come from the fact that in traditional color theory (YRB), green and red... they aren't friends, simply speaking. If you were to print you'd be able to see this better. 2. LINES!!! Each pixel is split into three lines. The issue is that they are always it the same in the same order and the lines visually distract the eye from the whole image. The plugin is splitting the the RGB values and it seems to be doing that well. I should make it mix up t
  11. Anyway... I have a request or two, neither of which include your address! I was wondering if you could make this part of custom brushes. Also I find the " [ , ] " modifier keys to be useful to shrink or grow the standard PDN brush while painting, could you include that function as well? Anyway, thanks for the sweet plugin!
  12. Well it's fixed now. I'd hate for someone who uses PDN professionally to get stuck with a bad plugin and no way to fix it. And thanks, Blooper. Just to let you know, I am still chipping away at the blur mask project.
  13. Bad news, was broken. I made if for a project I was working on and it worked fine for that. However, many of the more basic things did not, as I found out while working last night. I'm sorry for the ten people that downloaded that version. The plugin that's available now is I don't have time to fix right now, but expect to be out later this week. I'm not a much of a programmer as I may have pointed out before. I only make plugin because I have uses for them as an artist. I foolishly release them with out testing all their functions and you the bloody potato whi
  14. hmm... thanks for the revived interest. I never finished this plugin, maybe I should. TO DO LIST -Use without help of "Pixelate'" effect -Allow different order mixes for the RGB vaules. Because the lines are mess'n with me eyezzzz!!
  15. Very Nice! Only the Japanese would think to use boobs as an example, so awesome !!! I'm linking to this now, thanks!
  16. I call it.... "Who painted my nails pink?"!... based off a line I said in a dream I had last night User Tip: using the dents plugin can help make the splatter look more natural
  17. This is a one month update bump. ^I'm glad you like the mass media image. It was a fun project. -Small update for the dez image. -New wallpaper
  18. Which do you want? I'm going to play with it just using the canvas but the final plugin will use masks.
  19. I can call upon other effects? I didn't know that. Can I call upon any effect or just the ones that come with PDN; for example could I call "True Blur"? Also how do I do it, could you give an example. thank you, thank you, thank you, Bleek II
  20. hehehe... yes. I know nothing BTW
  21. I understand you, Blooper. You want the radius of a blur to be based upon the brightness of each pixel, right?. I don't know anything about blurring but I am trying... You can follow all my programing miss adventures here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24867
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