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  1. No, what i mean by "skin-able" is that i can change the whole look of a program as i release it. Not so that you guys can skin it. Adding a skinning feature isnt worth it, as you said, it will just be there so i can change the look of it at will
  2. It doesnt have those features yet, they are being added to new revisions of "X". If i WERE to add right click menu's I will probably release the program separately ( that program being the right-click menu ) which would alleviate the need for this. I could always make a .exe file which will clean out my program, if it ever needs a registry key or two. Actually, when i was making this, i didnt think you needed anything more than Regular Rights to access registry keys, but from what i searched, it generally wants Power User or Administrative Rights. At this particular point, im not too sure h
  3. meh.. its a filecount gltich.. ill clear it up.... it meant to be added to the numbers at the top of a group box, but only the number ended up there
  4. PDN Plug-In Manager is being Built.... again... Read first post for more Info
  5. Hi guys, i need some help here, what im trying to do i make a silhouette of a person rotate about 45* so that he looks likes hes standing in a different direction. Dont worry about his features looking askew, it is an all black colored picture, black and white bg. Im not sure how i could do this, so any help is appreciated!
  6. Thats great there's going to be a Plugin Manager in 4.xx ( hopefully mine! ) Im also looking at .net .dll decompilation, .dll compilation and a UI for making Effects, in a simplified program, but that sort of complexity is out of my reach, for now atleast! I will also hopefully have a website up and running aswell, so i can have a Frontier for my ventures! Thanks for the support guys and gals!
  7. Actually, building upon what Harold said, You would have to do several things before you can use System.Reflection properly; Build a project with: Splash Screen, No Forms. and also, Read through the \src of PDN, finding all the functions you want. Then, using the Splash screen as a Proxy, Call System.Reflection on the dll's containing the functions you want, e.g. Public effectloader () 'Add a function to check registry key for default installation location If File.Exist(.dll file location as string) = "true" then 'See :*: Dim Effectsapi as New System.Reflection(.dll file
  8. Gosh, this is a pain in the butt. Ive fixed the Problem that has arised, but i probably should stress that improper use will throw errors, although im trying to add some error control to this. Ill try my best anyways
  9. No, not yet, because, it assumes your working with single 'Effect' dll's, because those are 'mainly' what are used, although there are probably some that have and need folders. @D3z, Ill see what i can do, but i think your mostly all alone with that problem, ill check that its being compiled under the correct FX, becuase for some strange reason i have found my projects change FX as i add newer code, which may be it. For some reason all functions seem to work for me, ill check over the code, from the looks of that JIT im missing some "=" in an "If" function. Ill see what i can do tonight!
  10. New Revision Version 1.3.5 New Features: -Plugin counting, shows exact numbers of Plugins loaded or available -Low-level Plugin Details ( this is a VERY low-level daignostic of the selected Plugin, but will be improved drastically in the very near future! ) Hopefully late binding can start being nice to me Then i can finish off the Plugin exploring features!
  11. Thanks for the Ups @D3z It does tell you which are installed and which aren't, the left list, happens to be Plugins that aren't installed ( but can be ), and the right list is of the Plugins that are installed ( and can be removed! ) I think ill add a Plugin counter tonight, and try work on some of the more annoying feat's
  12. Im not entirely sure its worth adding the ability to browse for the 'Effects' folder, because, to be truely honest, it would take just as long to copy the plugins, and paste them into the directory manually, so im sorry, but im not going to add the ability to browser for an installation directory, as it does that fine as long as you installed it properly. @Rick, Will PDN 4.0 have a built in plugin manager? Because if it is, how long would the manager be useful to the user's here? Anyways, ill keep adding now things to this project until its not useful anymore!
  13. New Version out now: Paint.Net Plugin Manager 1.3 Bug Fixes: -Fixed Crash when a file existed in Both the Plugins Folder, and the Effects folder New Features: -If you have an older Version of a Plugin installed, and you use the Manager to install a new one, it now deletes the older version, and installs the new one! -Slight code improvements
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