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  1. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/11/25/jimmy_wales_chrome_extension/ I'm tempted to install Chrome purely for this.
  2. http://notch.tumblr.com/post/1599383480/wait-its-wednesday Bottom of the second paragraph
  3. Regarding MalwareBytes, if you have the free version, then it has no real-time protection, so I can't see how it can interrupt Paint.NET at all. Can you see if there's a way to find out what exactly MalwareBytes did to get rid of the malware/spyware/etc. as that might help a bit more?
  4. As long as that game language doesn't end up being GML (which is available in Game Maker), should be alright.
  5. @Illnab1024 It looks pretty interesting....but $160? Also, speaking of approx. 1000 page long books, I've finally decided to learn some proper C# and get past pseudo-coding: http://www.amazon.com/Essential-4-0-Microsoft-NET-Development/dp/0321694694
  6. So, basically, it's the ref's fault that England lost? Ignoring how 2-1 or 2-2 would affect either side (in the end, I don't think anyone has an idea on how it affected the players bar from themselves), it is not a good reason to suggest as to why we lost; Rooney has been dreadful through the tournament, and that the defense was absouletely dreadful allowing for goals rarely saw in a Sunday league match - and this was before England had a chance to come back (I refer to the goal where the German keeper goal kicked the ball into box, where a striker tapped it in) In the end, our players are to blame - we done dreadful against everyone bar from Algeria, and even then we only had a decent 20/30 mins in that match. Yet I'm expectant in the papers tommorrow we'll be calling for the ref's head, rather than criisizing the players. (Not meaning this to be directed at you, it's just more of a general thing I am annoyed with regards to the World Cup for England)
  7. Therefore, what should have been a dreadful 4-2 defeat for a pathetic England side, is instead an equally dreadful 4-1 defeat for an equally pathetic England side? It doesn't exactly change that much; at least in this case, but otherwise, I agree with the idea that if everyone and their dog can prove the ref to have been wrong, that maybe they should correct the decision, at least.
  8. And, to my suprise, Nintendo wins E3. I'm sorry, but Sony can't top that (they'll be better than MS hopefully) I'm actually speechless.
  9. Hah, I wish the PS2 wasn't dead so that it was easier to get a hold of games for it, like the updated Metal Gears, SMT: Nocturne (I refuse to call it by it's EU name) and Shadow of the Collusus. Also, Ninty's about to start; I can't say I'm excited for it.
  10. In contrast, there's been hardly anything "new" or original announced at E3 so far - nothing that looks to be really "great". Microsoft's conference was horrible (Greys of War 3 and Halo:Reach, while they will both be fun, we already know a decent amount about them; the only thing new was space combat in Reach) and that the Natal lineup (I am never going to call it "Kinect") for launch is absouletely dreadful, with it being a mashup of everything available on the Wii for "casual gaming". At least the EA conference didn't have as much time spent on casual gaming, but the only new thing there was that OTT top game partly made by the Painkiller team - so that should probably turn out to be quite interesting. In addition, while the Star Wars MMO looked really good, I honestly doubt it working as shown in the trailer - it's basically been proven to have been pre-rendered. While I didn't watch the Ubisoft conference, I've heard from some people that it was even worse than the MS one, so So, if I remember right, we have Sony and Nintendo to go. Here's hoping they don't spend 2/3rds of their conferences showing off pointless motion tech (I think it takes less effort to make a analog stick than to move your hand to select something) (As a FYI, you can probably tell that I'm a "hardcore" gamer as such; if you aren't one, then you probably enjoyed E3 loads)
  11. How can you get an 109% average?
  12. I'm guessing that is basically solving quadratic equations using: or by factorising it and solving it that way?
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