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Making a collage

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You can, but why would you?  Using layers allows you to rearrange, resize, and modify each image without affecting the others.


Layers is one of the best parts of Paint.NET.  I recommend you use layers.  :-)


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Hello Hope,


Yes, it is possible to make a collage of several images in a row. You just need to bring each image individually, resize it and drop it in the place you wish. But this method is not practical as if you decide to make changes you will have to start over. I recommend you to use the power of layers. Once you get comfortable with layers you will get exceptional results and you will be able to modify without limitations.  :)

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This tutorial might help: Side-by-side images

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I'm not good with layers.  :/


Thanks everyone, will tackle again with layers. 

Hi, hope7,

I remember the days when I wasn't sure how to do some things. I still have a lot I want to learn with PDN, too, and I'm trying this time around. I JUST completed a website for anyone wanting to deal with digital scrapbooking using PDN. I, literally, just finished it and I made it specifically for those who are NOT techie or use to dealing with image software, intentionally making it targeting those people. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the link and just delete it if that's the case, with my full understanding to those who can, but maybe it will help you make learning about layers a little easier? Maybe make it seem less confusing or intimidating? If so, here is the link:



I got the inspiration to make that from toe-head.


hope7, where it says "MAKING A LAYOUT" is pretty much where it starts. I also offered a pdf for downloading in case it is easier for a person to read something setting next to their keyboard instead of flipping back and fourth between windows, websites, and software programs.


Don't give up, yet, hope7.

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Hi Flymaster8, welcome to the forum! ;)

The first thing I would do is open each of the photos separately and resize them to a similar size and save with a different name, (to avoid overwriting the originals).
To resize, use the 'Image/Resize' (at the top) and give them the same d.p.i. (dots per inch)- normally 96 d.p.i. for screen or 300 d.p.i. if printing.

Then open a new Pdn file (File/new), make this much bigger than your largest photo.
Then use 'Layers/import from file' to bring each image in on a new layer, they can then easily be moved with the move tool. :MoveTool:
When finished first save as a Pdn file (so you can re-edit it later), then flatten and save as a .png or .jpeg file.

By the way pressing the F1 key when Pdn is open will take you to the documentation which has useful explanations of how the layers and tools work

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Am I opening the photos separately in a new Pdn each time?


Once you have created one bigger Pdn file you then import each image into that file but on a new layer.

The way to do this is by clicking the 'Layers' button at the top, then clicking ' Import from File' that appears in the drop-down list.


Hope that helps!... it's much easier than it sounds. ;)


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