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How to insert a selection in an exact location of a canvas?

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I tried to search for it but didn't find anything. I'm creating an image that have multiple images but I need to know the exact location of each top right corner in pixels. So it's much easier if I can put every selection exactly where I want like:





Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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Maybe it's me but it doenst. It just moves the image across it's selection. I wanted to really say "put the right corner of this selection in (450,50)". 


EDIT: I used the rulers and it kinda shows me where i'm putting the selection but is not accurate enough. 

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I'm really really new to this so how do I install the plug in? I already have the dll file


Close Paint.Net if it's running, then put the DLL file in the "Program Files\paint.net\Effects" folder. That's all you need to do to install it. Next time you run PDN, the plugin will be included in the list of Effects (or Adjustments, if it were an adjustment).

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Once you've installed the DLL and restarted paint.net, you'll find the plugin listed in the Effects > Object menu.

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