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Paint bucket.

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Check that you have the colors in the correct order for Primary and Secondary colors.  Left click should do the 1st color and right click the 2nd color.  I hope that helps :) .

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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Hi shao,


That's how the paint bucket tool works in new version 4.0 . New version of paint.net gives the ability of live adjustment to bucket tool i.e. it lets you to change the color of an area after applying the paint bucket tool at one place. You can change the tolerance, blending type, fill type, color & even place of anchor making it the paint bucket tool dynamic and its outcome changes according to change of attributes of tool. So, as a natural corollary you have to  click on 'finish'  to tell PDN that you are done with live adjustment.


But don't think that you have to go to the hassle of clicking 'finish' after using every new color. PDN automatically commits the Paint Bucket after you chooses the new area or switch to other tool. You can avoid all this by a simple trick. In normal MS Paint (or previous PDN versions) you commonly choose the color you want apply, then you click on the area where you want to apply color. Instead try this for PDN :- Click on area first then click on the color.

In short all that is to :--->  Click on the first area ----> chose the first color -----> Click on the second area ----> chose the second color -----> Click on the third area ----> chose the third color ----->(and so on) .......................... ---->(finally) click 'finish' .

This is a new habit. So It shall take a little time to get used to this. :) 

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It's as Pratysh has explaind, things in paint.net 4.0 will take some new habits. :)
It really isn't that complicated, however, it is a new habit, and old habits are not easy to overcome.
As I pointed out in a previous thread,


Old Paint.NET -- Choose color, click area. Repeat.

New Paint.NET -- Click area, choose color. Repeat.


Click an area, choose a color. > Click next area, choose a new color. > Click next area, choose another color.

When you are done with your sequence of fills and coloring, then you can hit commit, enter, or change tools. :)

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If you like hotkeys, you can always press ctrl+d, esc, or enter after you use the paint bucket and before you change colors.

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