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  1. Hello, when I use the paint bucket and then select a new color, painted color automatically changes to the selected color, ¿how can I avoid this?. Sorry for my english and thanks.
  2. Ok, using arrow keys and enter one could solve.
  3. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion if permitted; Every time I close without saving a canvas, I am asked if I want to save before closing, if I have many paintings is annoying to have to bring the mouse to the center of the screen to say "No, close without saving." or "Yes, save.", do not you could do something to prevent this?. As always, sorry for my English.
  4. Hi, please ¿is there any plugin or way of reduce colors of an image with my colors on a palette?, I have some pictures I want to reduce to 4 color. Thanks!.
  5. It's just what I wanted, thank you!
  6. Hello, can someone please tell me how this is done?. I have a mask that I used to copy a piece of graph of the image, the mask is transparent but not as copy using this transparency. The question is: How to copy using the transparency of the mask?. Sorry for my english.
  7. Hi, use paint net long and I've always wondered why you can not set the hot keys, the default configuration seems very uncomfortable. Sorry for my English and I hope you take into account the suggestion. Thank you.
  8. Hello Pyrochild, I use an IDE for game programming and I would like to add one of your filters to graphic effects of this IDE, chance to release the code of its plugins?, in particular I like the plugin FILM. Thank you and sorry for my english.
  9. Hello, when applied to an image plugin does not respect transparency, it would be possible to have the respect?. I´m using google translator.
  10. Hello, I wonder if you can use one of the plugins for commercial purposes.That is, apply the plugin to an image, not to sell the plugin itself. Thank you. Pd. Sorry, I'm wrong, the plugin would not be Curves, would be another but also belongs to you.
  11. Hello, I mean pictures, no layers, the plugin will generate the images that you specify the value set in the effect, so that the images represent the transition from having that effect with that value until it reaches 0.There is something that allows this?.
  12. Hello, is there any way to get the transitions of the separate effects on images? That is, to an effect at 100 and then place it to 0, getting all the images from 100 to 0 (100 images). Thank you.
  13. thanks, I meant to customize the keys, the default provision with me not being very comfortable, you can customize? use google translator