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Text looks terrible.

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I get terrible results with text in Paint.net files. It looks OK on screen providing I'm viewing at 100% size. Otherwise it looks really blurry. When I print files out it looks really blurred. I don't have these problems with MS Paint. Is there something I can do about this?


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Quite possibly there is something you can do about it, but it's difficult to say specifically because we can't see your issue.

Here's a suggestion:

Create your text on a separate layer

Use TTF Fonts (my personal opinion-I think they tend to be clearer than some other types) and the largest (appropriate) size font. In other words, don't resize the text to larger than created after it's been commited to the layer as an image (the term "commited" often refers when you've deselected text and it becomes part of the layer itself - no flashing cursor). Much like resizing any image to larger than original, it can become distorted.

Use the AA Assistant (if necessary) to clean-up the edges of the letters after you have commited the text to the layer.

After this you may then flatten your image and try printing it out to see if it improves.

I don't know for sure if your printer itself will have any bearing on it, but I suspect it may, but I'll leave that speculation to others more informed than I in that area.

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Try making your canvas size extremely large and using large text. The intent is to make the image so large that, when the image gets printed, it doesn't get stretched.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Attached is an example that I scanned in with output from MS Paint and paint.net. I used Arial which I think is a ttf. The bottom two lines illustrate the problems I get best. Granted the output with MS Paint is not 100% but I think it's better.

I hate to say it but some of your suggestions sound like more trouble than just reverting to using MS Paint. It's good being able to do more than three undos in paint.net but otherwise it's not proving that beneficial to me. The images that I'm producing are of photos with text underneath, nothing particularly complicated.

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If you're trying to "attach" your image using this method, I don't believe it works:


However, if you upload it to a place like Photobucket and post the link for it in this format, it should show:


There's more info about posting images here:


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@Arbu: Have you tried enabled or disabled the anti-aliasing? You'll find it in the Tool Bar when the Text Tool is active.

The only other thing I can think of is that your image is small and you're printing at low DPI setting. This will always degrade the image. How big is your image (in pixels) and what is the print size (inches)?

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