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  1. Hi Rick Don't "Dock" your great Paint.Net ship, keep sailing forward , there are many of us that provide you with the wind power needed to push your new ship forward! :-) No time to dock now, full steam ahead. Avi
  2. Hi Pyro I'm an old school person and I like the feel of paper pages in my hands and loves to read outside with birds singing, or in bed next to my wife "singing" ;-) I don't read allot on the computer since it makes my eyes wet after a while, (also why I work less on it and things take longer) and those small IOS/Android phones, I don't have them since i can't read anything of them text too small. I would try to install firefox and see if i can get this cloud thingy to work or look for a free/simple kindle reader. (any links to share?) If I'll buy it , is there a way to print a kindle
  3. Hi EGO WOW...! I have looked in the book in Amazon, It looks as something I must have :-) but sadly I don't have nor would have "Kindle" :-( so I wont have the option to enjoy your book . Is there any chance you would have a paper version of it? keep up the amazing things you do ! Avi p.s. Silly me i had in mine that your name really was " Ego Eram Reputo" and that your picture is in your signature. ​how wrong was I :-)
  4. Hi Rick I think we can all say the same for you too ;-) Avi
  5. Hi Pyro and thank you for the answer. Now be at school its the number one priority !!! get back to this when you have the time. I'm not in a hurry in my age so I can wait, but your school can't :-) thank you very much Avi p.s. Don't take too much time, since i might find more things to post ;-) p.s.2 based on your plugin history/programming skills , i guess you are one of the top in your class !
  6. Hi Pyro You haven't comment at all on my lst post, I hope you would say what you think good/bad idea's :-) since I keep forgetting to press OK before the need to change the grid. I guess I would learn it some time, but till then i'll be happy if you can help atleast with a popup saying are you sure before change the grid :-). Also I was wondering with another thing . would it be possible to add the option to select a number of "grid dots" and move then together ? the reason for this is saving the need to make the "same change" in a number of places. doing it one by one never gets the
  7. Hi Pyro I have been playing around with it for some time now, (WOW) . but i have to ask for some small things for you to add which are missing (from my point of view). I don't know how to explain it, so I'll just try :-) hopefully you would pick what i mean. I have made a grid of 10x10, and made my warps where and how i wanted them. now I wanted to make more small changes/adjusments but in a higher grid of 20x20. In order to do it i must 1st apply the effect to my picture then go back to the effect with the 20x20 grid. if i don't apply then changing the grid would erase all the work i
  8. WOW !!! PERFECTION !!! way to go pyro :-) I'm now going back to an old project I worked on a few months ago and stopped since something like this was missing. thank you Avi
  9. Hi Here is another good tutorial that uses PI from MadJik on "A way to make some fancy drops!" which i have used few times. (and learned how to use PI the right way thru it) http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14247-a-way-to-make-some-fancy-drops/ Avi
  10. Thanks Ego can you point me to the correct forum ? for some reason i can only see advance codelab but not beginners where such question can be asked? Avi
  11. Hi BoltBait i have been playing around in codelab, however i'm not able to port/place etc.. the code from codelab into the right place under microsoft visual 2010 C# ? can you tell me how it can be done ? can you point me to a web page ? do you have an example ? thank you Avi
  12. Hi thank you for the answer, I have used your answers to make my image. i just wanted the plugin do it for me. i was thinking again, about the UI you are correct it is one of the crowed so angle circle would be too much. so scrap it. but if you ever get 100 requests for angle restriction /or nothing else to do in your spare time, i guess you can just add a small box with an angle number (no big circle) where user can enter 0-360 , default 360, i think there would be room just for this in the UI ;-) about the inner circle scrap it too. since doing it the other way is very fast. code
  13. Hi Red ochre Just wanted to tell you that your highlight2 plugin is GREAT !! :-) I love it. I have an idea to add to your plugin, tell me what do you think. Can you add a selection circle and in it create two radius's with a changeable angle between them. this can restrict the effect span to between those two lines only. saving the need to use/create selection with angles etc.. for example creating a desk light with rays toward the table only. i also have a question? I want to create a light bulb effect but with a twist, i want the middle to be empty. ie. the rays would start to be
  14. WOW what a tutorial !! i could not stop reading it. ! lucky me i used to program in C. & pascal. i just need to install the C# on my computer too. going to play with it and get the hang of it. i'll post when i'll have something to show too or have a question :-) Avi
  15. thank you. talking about plugins all the time, makes me want to write one myself, can some one point me to a place where i can learn how to make my own plugin? i used to program when i was young, so a place with a simple tutorial and code examples? would be great :-) Avi
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