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Pretty good so far. There are some jaggies (rough edges) on the bigger planet. Maybe you can add a galaxy-type thing in the background to fill in the gap between the planets. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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Very nice start to your gallery! I agree with everyone else, there are some amazing tutorials around here that will most definitely help you achieve the effect you are looking for.


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maybe using 'shape 3d' (plugin) you could add a more globe effect to it, or 'glass orb'

If you ask me, that (shape 3D) looks like what (s)he did with the specular highlight turned off. My suggestion would be to move the shadow so that the light source appears to be the sun in the background (if it was the moon, it would be called a crescent when you are done). Besides that, it looks like a great start. As several others have mentioned, this forum has a lot of great tutorials for spacescapes. If you ask me, my favorite is flip's ^^

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