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This is similar to my other plugin, shaped gradient. But instead of making the gradient in the shape of the selection, this is object-based - ie. it creates a sort of "trail" from the object to center point.

You'll have to draw something on a transparent layer, then apply trail 3d, and see what happens...











-implement anti-alias. As soon as I figure out how to do it on Shaped Gradient I will do the same on this - the code is very similar so porting a feature from one effect to the other is easy.

-a feature to adjust the length of the trail. This should be relatively easy to code and will be in the next version, I hope.



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-implement anti-alias.

I'll pass on an idea for AAing the interior jaggies.

This may be worthwhile, even though it is less than perfect.

The AA effect diminishes the closer to the center point.

The work-around is to:

Run Shaped Gradient on a new layer.

Zoom blur.

The Zoom blur will tend to draw in alpha at the inner edges,

so the next step is to make all pixels in the selection fully opaque.


This example uses Shaped Gradient. Haven't tried it yet w/ Trail 3d.

You can toggle the top layer visibility to see the AA effect.


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That's a nice idea Sarkut. Unfortunately it's a bit harder to implement on the plugin itself - this would require to call the zoom blur only after all of the gradient is rendered, and I know of no good way to do this thanks to the ROI system which splits the render area in smaller segments...

Anyway, I'm still trying various options - I'm trying to do something like a convolution filter.

On the good news, can you notice the speed up I achieved on Trail 3d compared to Shaped gradient? I found a way to optimize the code further, so you can expect a speed-up update to shaped gradient as well, soon.

... meh, didn't work after all... the code happens to be too different in that particular spot... damn.

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Something funny with the link is going on. I downloaded it, then I re-tried to download and take a screenshot to show it was working but it was empty the second time I tried like you indicated.

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I just got this pc back from being fixed and redownloaded pdn. Last night I redownloaded a ton of plugins with no problem and installed them in pdn and they all work. This one keeps telling me that the zip file is empty. I have no clue why it doesn't work for me,nothing looks blocked here.



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Which link are you people using? " Download trail3d here " <--This one? If you are and it works for you I don't know why it doesn't work for me. I get the zip file but when I go to extract the files,there are none in there. I know my pc is not blocking me because I just downloaded and installed several other plugins from the plugin index with no problems. I am using win 7 pro.

However I figured out a way around it and have it now. I use another pc with vista and still had the zip file on file,lol. So I just copied it and extracted it on this pc. Problem solved for me,,but maybe it should be looked into. Thank you all.

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Looks broken to me. I'll see if I can upload a copy of the DLL later today.

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DLL attached to the first post in this thread.

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