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  1. phamduongthai

    How to make graffiti

    thank you so much. This looks cool!
  2. i downloaded and tried . Very impressive effect ^^
  3. phamduongthai

    BlendModes Plus v2.3.5 (3/24/10)

    this plugin looks so cool! thanks
  4. phamduongthai

    Ed Harvey Effects v 4.0 (2012-02-13)

    Thank you for the pack. ^^
  5. phamduongthai

    Glowy Swirl Tutorial

    Nice tut. Thanks so much ^^ It took me a while to figure things out, though :">
  6. phamduongthai

    Creating a collage using layers

    i pressed ctrl like lixv91 said when i clicked the link. it works for me ^^ Thanks!