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Horror-like text effect.


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


OK, so i have been here a while, almost a year using PDN. love this program, and always will.


- Flip Horizontal

- Outline Object(Optional)


OK, so what we want here is to do some effect like this:



so here we go:


1. Create a new canvas. preferably some big size



2. clear it up, leaving the checkerboard tile meaning the image is transparent, so no white will be when you finish.

(easy to do with the magic wand)



3. get a horror-like font, i used "Capture It".



4. get the primary color to black(if its not already)



5. change the font to a big size(which is why i told to make a big canvas), then type in what you want ( i chose restricted it kinda fits it idk...)




6. Duplicate the layer of the font( call the duplicate "colored layer" or something like that)



7. now get the magic Wand and change the "flood mode" to global. on click anywhere and invert it with C+I.





8. now to add some color( on the colored layer, obviously :roll: ), choose a main color (example red) as primary and the same color but more darker as secondary.




^ 8.a- now do the radial gradient, try not to make it very bright, since what we are trying to do is some Gothic horror kind of text. Deselect with Ctrl + D.


9. go to effects and use the "flip Horizontal" effect on the "colored layer"



10. move the "colored layer" down on the layer options.


10.a- open up the layer properties, choose the black text layer and change the opacity to 216.



(Note: if the black text is unreadable, use "outline object"with the color you used as the back inverted text.


and well there you go!, it seems kind of long but once you get the hang of it its pretty easy! :)

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What font is that? It's awesome.

Don't mean to interupt... But the Font is called Bleeding Cowboys and it can be found here http://www.1001freefonts.com/


Believe me.... I know =)

**Note** I modified the g in Chroga to look like a Gaelic g and I added the tail on the h in creach to make it look better for the tattoo (using Paint.net of course ;) )

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Oooops! And I almost forgot....

Here's my crack at it


Except, instead of outlining the black, I added a White layer between the Black and Red layers. Then blurred the White layer a little to give the backlit effect, and then I sorta did a reverse glow effect on the Red, to blur it a little, and make it a bit more shadowed.

**And that font is called Angelic War from the same place I mentioned in the above post if anyone is interested ;)

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