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  1. Ok... Not sure why I couldn't get my pic to attatch... so I signed out and signed back in here and in PB. Hopefully it'll work this time... If it does, then here's my crack at it Cool! I guess it worked this time!
  2. Loved the tut... Really well written. Made it easy for a newb like me to follow, when you showed the string it took to get to each plugin. (example: when you put Effects - Photo - Glow... istead of just putting glow) That makes it much easier.
  3. Ok... well here's my crack at it. My teachers always told me to put my name on my work This was an awesome tut for me Yellowman... It showed my the Grim reaper plugin (had never used it) and it also showed me a great new way to use the crystalize feature (I would have never thought of) and then, of course the Smart blur... I think I'll be using that one a lot. This was a nice simple tut, that had very few steps (of course you can probably see I added a bunch of steps/layers on my own) but this tut taught me a lot! Thanks a BUNCH!
  4. Awesome man... I was just givin ya a lil greif for that by the way... I'll have to try this tut out when I get time now... now that Sarkut pointed me in the right direction to find that plugin Thanks again Sarkut
  5. Thanks Sarkut. I searched using the Search box at the top right corner of this page, but the search box you linked me came up with WAY different results. And I guess I should have known to search for "Vandermotten" when looking for "Smart Blur" But I got it now... thanks again
  6. OK... At the risk of getting stepped on for asking a question in the wrong place... Where do I find the Smart Blur plug-in? I got to that step, and then went to find it in my menu, only to realize it's not there (it's not listed as a plugin needed at the begining BTW) When I got to that step, I figured it was in the basic (updated) version of PdN or something (because it wasn't listed in the list of plugins needed ) But I've looked and it's not in my effects or adjustments, which tells me I need to load it. But when I've looked I can't find it anywhere... not in the Alphebetical list of plugins and I've searched "Smart blur plugin" and have gone through all the results and... nadda If one of you guy/gals could please help me locate this plug in it would be greatly appreciated cause it looks like I could really use it in a lot of applications. Thanks a bunch
  7. That's a pretty cool tut! I wish I had seen this one a few months ago... I designed a t-shirt and fumbled through the process on my own. If I had seen this it would have saved me some headache. Anyway... this is what I came up with... It turns out I used pretty much the exact same process as outlined in the tut.
  8. Oooops! And I almost forgot.... Here's my crack at it Except, instead of outlining the black, I added a White layer between the Black and Red layers. Then blurred the White layer a little to give the backlit effect, and then I sorta did a reverse glow effect on the Red, to blur it a little, and make it a bit more shadowed. **And that font is called Angelic War from the same place I mentioned in the above post if anyone is interested
  9. Don't mean to interupt... But the Font is called Bleeding Cowboys and it can be found here http://www.1001freefonts.com/ Believe me.... I know =) **Note** I modified the g in Chroga to look like a Gaelic g and I added the tail on the h in creach to make it look better for the tattoo (using Paint.net of course )
  10. I'm pretty new here myself, so lets hope I can explain without lookin too dumb The way I did it was I made the bottom layer with the Hexagonal grid plug in. Then I placed another layer over it and cut out an oval. After I cut out the oval I used Gausain Blur to make the oval fade out. Hope this makes sense. I'm not sure I know much more than you do. I just started using paint myself. Hope that helps.
  11. Really? Thanks I'm really pretty new at this stuff. Nice to know I'm learnin
  12. Not particularly happy with my out come. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it too, but here it is anyway. :? It was a great tut tho Athena. Easy to follow directions. And cool lookin effect
  13. Well here's my first post.... Hopefully I used "enough brains" Pretty cool tut Flip. Easy to follow instructions. Maybe the "Advanced users" might find it Elementary, but as a noob it was very helpful. I can see where I will be using this very technique quite a bit. Here's my shot at it :wink:
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