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  1. this seems kind of fun... although mine doesn't really seem all that horror-like, i think it's the font. but here it is... i think i'll just keep messing with it and go on from there, thanks for sharing.
  2. ohhh awesome, i've always wanted to know how to do pic in text. glad i found this one. here's my result. i skipped the reflection, although it was cool, i don't prefer it here. xD just because... of the image... haha i've saved some celebrity's image and wanted to use it. lol anyways, thank you so much for making this tutorial. C:
  3. ohhh goody, my first post. hehe. here's my result. um... for some reason... the step where to change it's color with Brightness/Contrast or using ColorBalance... i used balance color while on the "text" plate, and then when trying to gradient it from bottom to top, it wouldn't come out for me... and instead i gradient from bottom to top in the "text gradient" plate instead. hence, the different colors on mine and i think it's because i played with the color balance of it. oh well, i had loads of fun, and glad that i can now mess with text and do something different instead of the same ol
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