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  1. oh okay, thanks. i'll try that out and post up that result here. C: thank you very much. C:
  2. oh all right, thanks. ^^V btw, i was wondering, i really like the "yummeh cookies" one, how would i go about doing that one?
  3. i didn't have the same font so i used a different one. anyways, here's my result: i liked this, although i wouldn't consider it a blood looking text effect, but nevertheless it's still pretty cool. thank you for sharing. C:
  4. hehe i definitely like this tutorial a lot. and it's definitely a great text... usage for other things. anyways, here is my result: i am soooo definitely going to keep messing with this... and use it for text usage in the future. thank you for sharing. C:
  5. ahh glad to find this thread. anyways, my situation is just like GoRoovy. before having v3.5.5, and having the previous one, *i don't remember that one* the brushes appeared fine. but then now, having the latest version and everything intact, the brushes do not appear once i clicked the "ok" button. it does show a processing kind of popup message, but afterward, the brushes do not appear but in my history window it shows the action being done. also, i read the posts in here, but i haven't come across this again besides GoRoovy, so i was wondering if anything has been done about this... or no. or if simply it's just my computer or or whatever. thank you in advance and i'm sorry if this was a *wasted* post.
  6. haha this was pretty cool. it took me a while to actually see it and wanting to know which one i wanted to stand out more and the other in the bg. so here's the result: although the fading text is hard to read up close, but further away, i can make it out. i had fun and thank you for sharing. can't wait to mess with this one a bit more as well. C:
  7. haha, this was definitely mad cute. i had a lot of fun with this... and at first i was like... "no way can i make that" but i did. here's my monster.. "not named as of yet" i can't wait to do more and mess with this smudging plug-in. thank you for sharing. C:
  8. all right awesome. they work now. thank you very much. now i can go and do that tutorial of yours. C:
  9. this seems kind of fun... although mine doesn't really seem all that horror-like, i think it's the font. but here it is... i think i'll just keep messing with it and go on from there, thanks for sharing.
  10. hmm, for some reason, i am not able to go to both sites. although i've clicked them a few times. i think the links may be misplaced.
  11. here's mine: although i don't think it turn out well, but nevertheless i had fun with it. and i'll come back with an alpha mask version once i learned how to mess with it. thanks for sharing. C:
  12. ohhh awesome, i've always wanted to know how to do pic in text. glad i found this one. here's my result. i skipped the reflection, although it was cool, i don't prefer it here. xD just because... of the image... haha i've saved some celebrity's image and wanted to use it. lol anyways, thank you so much for making this tutorial. C:
  13. ohhh goody, my first post. hehe. here's my result. um... for some reason... the step where to change it's color with Brightness/Contrast or using ColorBalance... i used balance color while on the "text" plate, and then when trying to gradient it from bottom to top, it wouldn't come out for me... and instead i gradient from bottom to top in the "text gradient" plate instead. hence, the different colors on mine and i think it's because i played with the color balance of it. oh well, i had loads of fun, and glad that i can now mess with text and do something different instead of the same old thing.