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Collab Request - ALL SPOTS TAKEN!


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Before I get started, let me introduce myself, and tell you what a Collab is.

Firstly, a Collab is when two or more artists make an image in turns. So the first person would start off, then the second person would add/remove things, and then the next person/first person would get it back again, so they can work on it. The process will repeat until all of the artists are happy with the final work.

I, am Ouchy_S. I have been using Paint.Net for quite a while, and feel that I progress at it easily. I have been thinking about doing a collab for a while with someone, but because of my exams (That I had last week), I haven't had time to do anything. Now that I have done them, I have HEAPS of time available for things like this.

How will it work?

When I have found my artist, or artists to work with, we will decide what order to work in. We can keep in touch with each other via this thread, or use and Instant Messaging Service, like MSN. When we have done our first part, it will be saved as .PDN, then uploaded on a site like Megauploader, as it will retain the .PDN format, so the next artist can work on it. This could repeat as many times, until we are happy. Then end result will be posted on here, and on our personal galleries, if you have one.

So, if you want to join in, and be part of this, then simply post saying you would like to, following by what size/type you would like it to be (EG. Large Piece, Signature, etc.). I am going to limit it to FOUR artists only, including myself. If there are more than four, as in six, then the following left over artists can work together on there own separate project.

If you want to do this, then you will need to have a good understanding of Paint.Net.

Project 1:

  1. [*:2k2gjcmg]Ouchy_S

Post away!

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Bumping after less than an hour?

Cut it out. You've been here long enough to know the rules. Next time it gets locked.


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An idea just sprang in my head of what we should do.

We should make a matching avatar and sig. saying that we worked on one of the first Collabs.

Though I'm not sure if this IS the first collab.

We should all be... Alive...




|Lightning|My Dome|Pokemon sig tut|

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