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Animal Skin 'style' Fur texture


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Moderators Note: Images have been rehosted by ReMake.

We're going to create a kind of Animal Skin style Fur Texture with a random pattern.

Start with a canvas size of 800 x 600

Click the More >> button in the Colors toolbar and set your primary color to a Hex value of AC703D

Fill your Background with this color.


Add a new layer - set your Primary color to Black and Secondary color to White

EFFECTS > Clouds - Scale 200, Roughness 10. CTRL+F to repeat Clouds

ADJUSTMENTS > Brightness / Contrast - Brightness 10, Contrast 100.


Use the Magic Wand tool to select all the white area (hold SHIFT while you select) and delete

Use the Magic Wand tool again to select all the black areas (again, holding SHIFT while selecting)

Set your Primary color to Hex: B14D03

Fill all the black areas with this color

Duplicate this layer. Change your Primary color to Hex 64300A and fill the selected areas with this color.

Press CTRL+D do deselect.

Go to the middle layer and apply EFFECTS > BLURS > Gaussian Blur with a radius of 25.

Duplicate this layer then flatten the image.


EFFECTS > Add Noise - Intensity 50, Color Saturation 0.

EFFECTS > BLURS > Motion Blur - Angle 45.00, Distance 6. CTRL+F to repeat Motion Blur.


If you increase the intensity of the Noise you can adjust the roughness of the fur. Try adding lighting/shading effects.




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How the hell did I get first post on a tutorial this handy?

Or did I..?

Heh. Anyway, this could be applied to all kinds of patterns. Let's do a Safari!

Double Firstpost.

Watch this space. It will do tricks, sooner or later.

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The animal-obsessed part of my brain is begging to say something...

It looks more giraffe than leopard. Leopards have circles, not random blobs. Blobs are on the giraffes.

Other than that, though, it looks really great! :D Kudos to you!

You're probably right! I just wanted to do something with a random pattern.

You could easily draw some 'Leopard' style spots rather than doing the Clouds to make it more Leopardskin.



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yeah really nice ^^

here is mine

did exactly what you said but only black dots (think thats more realistic but hey thats my opinion^^)


*edit: use sharpen for a more 'realistic' fur :)

you can actually see the hairs then :P

but when using to much it looks nice but around the dot's comes a glow :s:s:(

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<3 @welshblue!


I think I need to copy from you. I also want to write "text" with this texture.
I hope you give me your "okay"? Good result from it, looks nice.


Thank you for sharing your result! :cake: :coffee:

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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.




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