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  1. btw. its better to use png or jpg than .gif because there are more colors :shock:
  2. is it normal that after pressing "delete" everything on that layer is gone? :? :? edit: oh ive got it
  3. i tryed something (and explained it to my mate - see second image) with that tut and my result is the following: and my mates result [Akebono]:
  4. indeed^^ lol :mrpink: but back 2 topic: just wanted to say nice tut and you saw the pictures i made with it its cooooooool!
  5. just the "aus" at the end is missing
  6. lad das bild z.b. bei http://www.imageshack.us hoch und dann nimm den link für "direct link this image" und dann im forum schreiben ----- btw. i just explained him (in german) how it works with imageshack.us
  7. That is a rose. A green one. Try it again with red colors, it should come out cool. i prefere the green tho
  8. i dont really know what to do with step 4..... Quote: 4. Pencil Sketch (Size 20, Range 20) Confused can someone help me?^^
  9. safari-look nice ! gonna try this soon
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