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  1. Quite some time ago a bump map plugin was posted here, and I downloaded it. And now I need it again but i can't find it. Can some one post it again please :?:
  2. ...You have a folder just for creations that has 2 Gigs of just images. (I do) ...You would rather create something on PDN than play Halo 2 on Xbox live.
  3. I cant seem to get this plug in to work, cant find in effects drop down menu . Did I miss something :oops:
  4. Nice tut..I may use this in the future.
  5. Ahh my eyes, yeah nice But I cant look at that long (feels woozy) Yeah I made this...its kinda simple, but I though it was fun. I was listening to some freaky techno song, and this is what I cam up with.
  6. Were is the threshhold for the magic wand :?:
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