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  1. Insane. My laptop has... twice the PDN Functionality of this computer. Time to get up to date! Also, yeah I'm back from being banned. From my PC.
  2. Why be a genius cj? Why do it? Back from being mass banned from computer. Got me a new laptop too
  3. While fiddling with this tutorial, I accidentally found a way to generate generic world maps. Unfortunately, I spent too much time fiddling with it so I have to go now. Clouds Clouds (Difference) Pencil Sketch at 3 size and 0 range. Then refine in whatever way you see fit.
  4. Tile Reflection? Looks pretty epic because there's not much detail loss.
  5. My internet died yesterday. Winner! My result: And while I'm here: Background [1024x768] Symbol [1024x768]
  6. Yet another great tutorial from cjmcguinness. If there was a rating system, you would have a Winner.
  7. Box box, I come in a box! Buy me! It's me in a box, buy me now! All details on the wrong side where you cannot, and never will be able to see them. Only while stocks last.
  8. Shoom!!1 Yours is mucho better. lulz
  9. Down, has anyone told you your sig is sexy? I did a lot of extra effects. It's a link to the full thing btw (@500x500) and I messed with layer blending modes on it to get the right effect. There was one with screen, one with darken, one with reflect then one with glow. It accented the blue nicely.
  10. Mine, reduced to avatarish size and background transparent! And a different one on a background. It's wallpaper size. Cliickee They're black and white because both came out in horrible shades whenever I changed hue/sat or curves so... meh. I call it Necromunda.
  11. Not really. Took me about ten minutes, all I had to do was save one then zoom blur and repeat.
  12. Funky tutorial. Used UnFREEz to make a gif.
  13. How the hell did I get first post on a tutorial this handy? Or did I..? Heh. Anyway, this could be applied to all kinds of patterns. Let's do a Safari! Double Firstpost.
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