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  1. ok thanx would it be possible at all to make a HDR plugin? :D:D
  2. i got a DSLR and i just made a RAW and i was able to open it with Paint.NET ! ehhmm i cant save the image....... btw. a HDR plugin for paint.net would be A W E S O M E !!
  3. i had it once.. but 1 screen was DVI, the other VGA that makes it a bit easier but it works with 2 dvi / 2 vgi aswell i think... i use a nvidia driver where i can make those settings ...
  4. something like that? http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... alpha+mask search next time http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/search.php
  5. there is a psd plugin http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... hlight=psd i dont know about the other file tho.
  6. i think he knows how to do it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NVBgqqkZzWY
  7. i dont really understand what you mean.. try this one when using the texttool: :AntiAliasingOff: instead of :AntiAliasingOn:
  8. sounds good btw. there is a drop shadow plugin, so just download it in the "Plugin forum"
  9. nice! and dont forget the icons for the forum 8) :pdn: 4 ever
  10. btw. its better to use png or jpg than .gif because there are more colors :shock:
  11. is it normal that after pressing "delete" everything on that layer is gone? :? :? edit: oh ive got it
  12. yes but u can still recognize what it should be =) simpsons 4ever
  13. i tryed something (and explained it to my mate - see second image) with that tut and my result is the following: and my mates result [Akebono]:
  14. ye but thats the wrong one ^^ my friends are a band and they call themselves gold coast rockers because its kinda like the "gold coast" of the lake where they live and they are a rockband so .. =) @ jake2k : thanks, urs is nice aswell, i like the font .. could you tell me wich one you used therefore?
  15. some of my works: i just mixed kind of all effects together and at the end changed the curves to get it blue my try for a logo fire text
  16. i think they have to allow you to do that. but it would be good if (at least the sticked) ones were also on the http://www.getpaint.net homepage and maybe even in different languages =)
  17. indeed^^ lol :mrpink: but back 2 topic: just wanted to say nice tut and you saw the pictures i made with it its cooooooool!
  18. just the "aus" at the end is missing
  19. lad das bild z.b. bei http://www.imageshack.us hoch und dann nimm den link für "direct link this image" und dann im forum schreiben ----- btw. i just explained him (in german) how it works with imageshack.us
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