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  1. Man, I haven't been on this forum in years.
  2. Merry Christmas! I got a bunch of clothes!
  3. Ka-blam! The pie explodes in your face as you try to eat it! I wish I was the King of the Universe.
  4. First half true, second half false. tpbm is married.
  5. Au contraire, B_R_R's sig is quite good, aspecially since the ship is an MSPaint job. 8.5/10 someone2016, yours is absolutely awesome. 9.5/10
  6. Terabithia... the main reason I don't like it is they killed of the girl. My opinion, though, and yes DUNE with Sting. Directed by David Lynch and produced by, um... Rafaella de Laurentis?
  7. First name: Barak Location: Near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Age: 18 Occupation: Subway Night Shift Manager, soon to be going to college Hobbies: Building things with Legos. Favorite Tech Item: My camera Favorite and Most Despised Software: photoshop cs3 Extended and MSPaint, respectively. Favorite and Most Despised Games: Master of Orion (any of the three) and Monkey Island Favorite and Most Despised Movies: DUNE and The Bridge to Terabithia Favorite and Most Despised Television Series: Drake and Josh, and General Hospital Favorite and Most Despised Music Bands: Petra and ICP Favorite Outdoor Activity Biking and track and field Favorite Free Vacation Spot: Any Air and Space Museum Role Model Arthur C. Clarke
  8. That is absolutely beautiful. I love it. I also can't believe you haven't changed your sig for a very long time!
  9. It is at the top of the tutorials page. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2756
  10. 8/10 Bossk. That sounds like an alien race of reptilian beings from one of my space games...
  11. ^ Okay! Mine's... wait... I forgot... dang. I don't know why I chose my name.
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