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paint.net 4.3.9 beta build 8099 -- fix for crashes on Win11 Insider "Dev" 10.0.22567.0

Rick Brewster

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This is a servicing release that fixes a handful of bugs, and updates the bundled AvifFileType plugin.


NOTE: This build is not available via the in-app updater. I was planning to release 4.3.9 sometime next week anyway, but I'm making this beta available early so that folks who are using the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview "Dev Channel" build (10.0.22567.0) can keep using the app while Microsoft pushes out a hotfix for a bug that's causing the app to crash a lot (more discussion on Twitter). Feel free to install it on other versions of Windows, of course.




Changes since 4.3.8:

  • Added a workaround for a bug in the latest Windows 11 Insider "Dev Channel" build 10.0.22567.0 which is causing tons of crashes. Microsoft has a hotfix coming soon.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Shape Maker plugin that was preventing the ability to open or save shapes
  • Fixed the precision of color channel values for images with transparency when using the Invert Colors or Black and White adjustments, and the Pixelate effect. Before, color values were reset to zero if the alpha channel was also zero.
  • Fixed the rendering for Image -> Resize when using Nearest Neighbor. Sampling was off by 0.5 pixels, causing incorrect results. Reported here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118703-incorrectoffset-nearest-neighbor-scaling-when-using-resize-dialog/
  • Fixed a crash in the Quantize effect when Alpha Threshold was set to 0 and the image was completely transparent
  • Updated the bundled AvifFileType to version This updates the AOM version to 3.3.0. (thanks @null54!)
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@Rick Brewster  Toe-head updated the ShapeMaker plugin 2-3 days ago to work in 4.3.8.  Is his new release compatible with this new beta build?  Thanks!

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