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Rectangular Corner Fade


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I made this because I was trying to blend frames from anime together where the frames pan diagonally instead of perfectly horizontal or vertically.  Getting the corners to blend without discontinuity is really hard only using the built-in gradients.  Intended for rectangular selections, but works with any selection / no selection.
Example image


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Interesting plugin @bluebuiy.  But you don't tell us where to find the plugin.


 (BTW everyone, it's in the 'Selection' menu and is called 'Rect Corner Fade').


I used two images of different sizes and boy, did I have to do a lot of fiddling to get it to work properly. This is really made for images of the same size.


There are no other adjustments in the plugin but you can use the Eraser tool, tolerance set to 0%, to make any final adjustments.


Thank you for the plugin.





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