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Bills "Creations"-Updated-12/12. Page 2, come on in :D


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If your going to look,Please post.

First off, we'll start with this.





Finally finished.


This one was easily one of my favorites.All I did was add the rain, but i still like it.


A rainbow eye I did from a tutorial. I liked how it turned out.


This one I was following a tutorial, but strayed off on my own. I like how it turned out


I didn't think this was very good, but the people I did show really liked it.


The crappy coloring job I did. I need to re do it eventually.


I just recently found this looking through my computer, and its one of the first things I did with PDN when i downloaded it. Nothing special, just messed around with a picture that came with windows.

Any tips will help, please rate all. More to come eventually :D

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Hwoarong is my favorite tekken character. Somewhat followed a tutorial for this.

The story behind it-

Someone told me that it didn't make much sense that he was looking away from the explosion, so ill fill you in on what i was thinking. If you've ever beaten tekken 5 on story mode with Hwoarong, you see in the video Devil Jin basically blows his bike in to a million and a half peices. This is him looking up at him (Devil Jin) like "What the hell?"

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On your current sig you've stretched the texture a little too far, just for future reference when you stretch textures/renders you take away the detail so its best not too do so lightly.

Very amateur work but we all start somewhere, try reading more tutorials and incorporate different techniques into your own style. Keep trying, and good luck.

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