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  1. I tried so many combos but still i couldn't get the Writing on the wall effect. just like the one where there's a brick wall and u spray paint on it....or u write within the bricks etc.. i get both the effects individually...but it doesnt merge....Gaussian blur reduces the wall's features.... Does anyone know any good technique to get this done on PDN?
  2. ... 5c407c.png maybe i am going wrong somewhere..... its either this or the flame thing is comin with the entire background also fiery... Also i tried with 3 layers : background text clouds also with 2 layers....maybe the 3 layer thing works... but what should the background be... this is exactly what i did according to the 1st post Steps: 1. create a new image 2.resize 3. create a text layer, paint bucket with black, text with white 4. gaussian blur 1/8 size of font 5. create clouds layer, layer properties --> blending mode =negation 6. Gradient tool, color = black, create a gradient on clouds layer 7. now the clouds effect, scale = 193 (font size = 104) mode = difference 8. repeat as desired (1 or 2 twice i did) 9. levels on output 128, 2.0 , 0 on clouds layer 10. levels input 210 on text layer (dont worry i resetted as it said) 11. flatten 12. level again accordingly to 1st post 13. curves adjustment where am i going wrong...??? why doesnt it have the fiery effect? As to answer hollyam's post... 1.i suppose the background is not as same as text layer.... 2. gaussian blur is 1/8 size of font..meaning if ur font size = 48, gaussian blur scale = 6 3. render ->> clouds --> mode = difference Negation is layer properties 4. rest steps are okay...try correcting these....i did but cudnt exactly get the effect...Maybe a Uber-super experft can help find the minor detail in this :wink: :wink: Thanks to anyone who answers.....i m new to, my first post and its been around 2 weeks... made other things as well since the forum is well maintained...will show it in respective posts..