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  1. ooooooh nice pics! i love the first sig a lot. its fun to stare at
  2. (bump) hmmm.... last post was a few months ago... probably should start makin more pics
  3. Thanks! Thanks! i live near seattle so i think the space needle is fun to play with.
  4. have u ever seen that one snl skit where THE Bruce Dickenson is all like "Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription... is MORE COWBELL!!!" ?
  5. :D thanks! No, i did not create everything in PDN. for the whale, I used a pic a shot at SeaWorld. And for the Cloudy Days pic, the tree and the crows were stock, but i used it in style. lol Thanks for the reply!
  6. yesterday there was this error and i couldnt upload some new pics. now it works today. the whale pic has SeaWorld on it, but i do NOT work there or anything. the whale was shot there and i cut it out to try adn make a vector style pic. and in the Cloudy Days pic, the quote has to do with hope. like in a cloudy day you can hope for some sunshine. And its hard to see, but, there are stars in teh pic. btw the pic is similar to teh view from my house this morning
  7. ooooooh love the first wallpaper. kinda reminds me of windows vista stuff. I think your glossy circle things might need some feathering or something. Looks kinda rough-ish at the edges. And your current sig right now is pretty cool. techy. anyway, awesome gallery.
  8. niiiiice! are u tryin to make a vector style picture? anyway love it
  9. hey guess what ppl??? I FARTED!!! XD lol just kidding. i just double posted
  10. i dunno if i commented on ur gallery before, but anyway i just want to say... I like ur wallpaper for the zune. sadly im a fan of iphone lol. I also like the purple wallpaper and your current sig. very nice. i like how u made the lines on the zune and the current sig. hope that tut is finished soon.
  11. ya i also like the dog sig at the bottem. its kinda cute and the background matches perfectly. oh and it looks like you dont appreciate your art that much. your gallery is actually pretty cool 8)
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