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Change completely black image to colour?

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I have a very simple black image logo made up of basic lines and shapes (see below)


I basically want to be able to change the entirety of this logo to any number of different colours, without any issues regarding the edges of the image where pixels of different transparency values remain somewhat black / messy looking. I understand that if this image was in a colour, this would be easier with simple hue / saturation changes, but none of this seems to work for a black image.


I also want the background to remain transparent.


Any help would be much appreciated. I tried Color Filter plugins and all sorts of other methods, and I'm totally lost.




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I copied your image into Paint.NET and viewed it at 1200% magnification and indeed and it it is highly pixellated.
It would great to vectorize your image an work from there, but Paint.NET does not do that.
I see that the background is already transparent so you can use the Fill/Bucket Tool to drop color into the blank spaces.

I will think about ways to minimize the pixelization issue.


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5 minutes ago, welshblue said:

BoltBait's  Color Balance can work well on changing black to colour




I used several duplicates of your image - changed the colour per layer and used the eraser to keep the colour just on certain parts of said layer





Thanks, that might work. I'll try and download the color balance plugin and see what happens!

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The method I would use is to use another plugin in BoltBait's plugin pack: Paste Alpha.


Add a new layer, and fill it with the color or colors you want.

Copy the image layer to the clipboard.

Run Paste Alpha on the color layer, setting the Alpha Source control to Clipboard alpha.


Also, once you get the black colored in some manner, you can use Hue/Saturation to modify the color. You can, of course, use selections to restrict which areas get modified.


Another method to add color (without plugins) is to lighten the black to gray with Brightness/Contrast, run Sepia to add some color, then use Hue/Saturation to modify the color. Sepia adds rather unsaturated colors, so you may have to run Hue/Saturation twice or more to get enough saturation.

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Throwing in my own thoughts.  There's also Color Flip/Rotate, part of Ed Harvey's plug-in pack.


If you want to make different part of the image with different color, I would individually select them (elliptical selection for example), copy, and paste onto a new transparent layer, then run the Color Flip/Rotate.


On 7/24/2019 at 11:48 AM, welshblue said:

Cats and skinning again


But of course, there's always more than one way to skin a cat.

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