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  1. Indeed. The .png image/ advertisement posted has a transparent white background (210 -255 ; alpha 2 ). Great advice from the moderators who didn't see through the advertising spam. Solid white transformed into transparent? Clearly a miracle.
  2. Thank you - and thank you for all your work on this.
  3. Does G'MIC version 2.9.1. work as a plugin within 4.2.12?
  4. Hi @FreshHex Good to hear that you got that problem fixed. Any chance of you sharing the way that you fixed it? Sounds as if you were downloading an image showing a chequerboard background but described as 'transparent.png'. Plenty of them out there. If in doubt >right click the image>copy image andCTRL+ALT+V into Paint.Net to be sure that it is transparent... and get to know Paint.Net's distinctive chequerboard background.
  5. Truly sorry about posting in the wrong area. I used the 'Reply' button on the OOTF page. So not that clever then. But clever enough to spot sloppy, misleading grammar, eh?
  6. A... dice? May we clarify this.? Are we restricted to an image of one die that is not 6-sided, or are we allowed to post an image of some dice that are not 6-sided?
  7. Thank you@welshblue, and apologies to @lynxster4 I thought that this was about working within the PDN app - not the PDN forum. No blusher needed this evening.
  8. Hi @lynxster4 Two things. How does one 'highlight' anything: and, where is the 'eye' button with the 'spoiler' tooltip?
  9. Selection > Adjustments > Colour Mixer
  10. Thank you @ toe_head2001. Not a pesky.dll then - just a pesky beta. I'll mooch around with the horses until a stable happens by.
  11. Hello@ loupasc. Paint.Net (4.2.11 beta 4211.7433.39692) would not open ('Not Responding') after placing your SlightEdgeBoost.dll into the Effects Folder. all OK when I deleted the pesky .dll. Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.
  12. Hello @Jademalo, Best help from the forum would be if you post images of these reciepts(sic).
  13. Hello @rcoombs, OK. Let's work this through.Are the images the same size?
  14. Hello @ Firere It would help if you posted the exact image that you wish to 'fix'. The image with your original post -cluttered by selection markings- is ambiguous.
  15. HelloK4NFP, If you were to do a picture search for LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE NUMBER PLATE AND POST THE IMAGE THAT YOU LIKE BEST.
  16. Hello @'Pixey The Measure selection plugin - by the same author- works fine for me in 4.10. Surely worth a look-see.
  17. Gosh! I 'm discomforted by that pesky default frame.. Is it necessary? Is it frock!
  18. Man-dressed-as-Woman Flu is a reveal.