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  1. Gosh! I 'm discomforted by that pesky default frame.. Is it necessary? Is it frock!
  2. Man-dressed-as-Woman Flu is a reveal.
  3. Hi @Skittles The clone tool did this in less than a minute (size 50, hardness 0%). I rushed. Longer would be better.
  4. Golly gosh! Of course it is. That was a typo. Was your deduction/deduced mess picked up from the Big House?
  5. Ok. It's Blender. I speak of @dipstick images posted here. As adept as any individual may be at jigging the software to render psuedo-lifelike images - that 'glass' looks acrylic. If those acrylic wineglasses were glass, they would be top heavy when empty. Not fit for purpose. Lordy! Why here at Isn't there a Blender forum somewhere?
  6. In my experience, a blender-made drink always arrives with a foaming head.
  7. Hello @Pixey, 1. Why do you think that the OotF fun needs a break? 2. Are the subjects too difficult? 3. Why @toe_head2001 or @Ego Eram Reputo?
  8. ... or think before using the word 'deducted' where the word 'deduced' ' would be ungainly.
  9. Or... My 'Pork-belly-in-corn-syrup-whilst-gaming' diet isn't as quick - but it sure works.
  10. Distorsion 1.4 Now - there's a thing. Fabulous - and a joy. The 000000 black border? Perfect - apart from your text tags. Will you always display this image with your 'PAF' included within the body of the work?
  11. Hi @Anth0ny and @Pixey, I'm using Firefox latest. The download button at Dropbox is hidden until I disable Adblock plus.
  12. Hello, Is it absolutely safe or just 'pretty safe' to download from the Paint.NET site?