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  1. Thanks, that might work. I'll try and download the color balance plugin and see what happens!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I wish for the background to remain transparent, and so changing the colour of the background is not something I wish to do. To re-iterate, I just want to change the colour of the black logo. Many thanks.
  3. Hello, I have a very simple black image logo made up of basic lines and shapes (see below) I basically want to be able to change the entirety of this logo to any number of different colours, without any issues regarding the edges of the image where pixels of different transparency values remain somewhat black / messy looking. I understand that if this image was in a colour, this would be easier with simple hue / saturation changes, but none of this seems to work for a black image. I also want the background to remain transparent. Any help would be much appreciated. I tried Color Filter plugins and all sorts of other methods, and I'm totally lost. Thanks!