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How to draw angles with Paint?

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In fact, the first "figure" isn't a SHAPE. There are two lines with a single common point at an angle of 90 degrees. So just use the line tool.




Bézier: Béziers can be used create complex curves including loops.

Spline: The path of a spline always passes through the control points.





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2 hours ago, littlebigman said:

Also, what is the difference between Spline and Bezier ?


(For simplicity, I'll confine my answer to the cubic cases, which are by far the most common in graphics.)


A Bezier curve is a single cubic polynomial whose shape is determined by the two endpoints and two control points.


A spline is a chain of cubic polynomials, attached end to end, which passes through a given sequence of points. Between each two consecutive points, there's a different cubic polynomial, but the polynomials are selected so that where they meet, certain continuity conditions are met. For example, the derivatives could match, or both the first and second derivatives could match.


Splines can pass through an arbitrary number of given points, while Bezier curves can pass through at most four (and if they're specified by the four points they pass through, they aren't, strictly speaking, Bezier curves.)

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Thanks. I expected Paint to provide a tool that would let me draw triangles in one go, or at worst, a tool where the lines would somehow "stick" automatically when getting close to each together.


For the last step, I select the whole picture (CTRL+A), and chose Layers > Merge layer down. Likewise, is there no tool to merge the two lines together, instead of merging layers?

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Hi @littlebigman


You don't need to select all before merge layers down.

You could use the cursor key to move to a specific point to start to draw the line.

Look at the information at the bottom of the screen to read x,y position.

You could hold "shift" while you draw the line to constraint to regular angles.

So to draw these angle, start at the point of the angle to draw the vertical line then restart from the same point for horizontal.



BTW from your example you could use the move selection 1-2 pixels up and 1-2 pixels left then delete: (1-2 pixels dépends on the brushwidth of the lines)

EDIT: Welshblue already said this...


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On 9/27/2017 at 10:21 AM, littlebigman said:

I can't figure out how to draw this kind of shape (attachement).


I have created some custom shapes for you.




At the bottom of my first post, you'll see a link for RightAngle.zip and a link describing how to install custom shapes.


Hope this helps.

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