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  1. Hello, The other day, I used the Ruler and chose to display things in cms instead of pixels, and now, for some reason, fonts are super small even when using a 26 point size. Any idea how to get back to normal? Thank you.
  2. Thanks. As much as possible, I try to avoid plugins unless totally necessary. After I paste a line in a new layer, is there an easy way to line up and space the lines in the different layers ? View > Pixel Grid displays nothing. I assumed it'd be an easy way to move each line/layer so that it'd be lined vertically/horizontally.
  3. I found the cause, but not the reason for the issue: For some reason, the line consists in three parts: When I clicked without zooming in, the magic wand would select one of the three layers. Why does the line have three parts?
  4. Thanks for the tip. For some reason, after selecting the original line with the magic wand, hitting CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste it, and using the down arrow to move the new line below, it's thinner than the original:
  5. Since the original line is pre-selected after I drew it, isn't is possible to simply CTRL+V to paste it and hit the arrow key to move it underneath? Using the Rectangle tool introduces some blank space around the item, which I'd like to avoid if possible.
  6. Thanks. I need to line them up exactly, thusly: _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ I looked up "line up" in the Search bar, but found nothing.
  7. How? CTRL+C to copy CTRL+V to paste: Nothing happens. ---- Edit: Must use Edit > Paste in new layer ? No way to have all the lines in a single layer? Is there a way to line them up vertically, ie. __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ ?
  8. Hello, I need to slice a circle in half and only keep one half. Is there a way to do this in Paint? Thank you.
  9. Hello, I need to draw four horizontal lines, with the same length and same tilt (ie. 0° angle). Is there a way to do this in Paint? Thank you.
  10. Thumbnail add-on: In IrfanView, open a picture (using O instead of the standard Windows short-cut CTR+O…) T to display a thumbnail list of all the pictures in the current directory If Paint doesn't support this nor a way to batch-process, this is a problem for me. I'll keep juggling.
  11. Thanks. I expected Paint to provide a tool that would let me draw triangles in one go, or at worst, a tool where the lines would somehow "stick" automatically when getting close to each together. For the last step, I select the whole picture (CTRL+A), and chose Layers > Merge layer down. Likewise, is there no tool to merge the two lines together, instead of merging layers?