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  1. Thanks, this worked: So, unlike what I expected, Paint.net itself — there might be a plug-in for that — can not simply change the color of all pixels in one go after 1) selecting primary/seconday colors and 2) selecting the part with the Select tool: Brushing is the only way to do this. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. I don't understand how to use the Recolor feature. After selecting an area with the Rectangle Select tool, I expected that left-clicking on any black pixel would redraw all the black pixels with the foreground color, but it only does it with the selected pixel. The goal is to change the color of a whole letter in one go.
  3. As a work-around, I simply used the keyboard shortcuts for the Rectangle Select (S) and Paint Bucket (F) to apply this to each area, back and forth:
  4. Hello, On the following keyboard layout, I need to show some signs in red. Is there a tool in Paint.net that can do this, eg. some kind of "eraser" that would actually change all black pixels using the foreground color selected in the palette? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I looked around the menus, googled, and checked the archives but didn't find the answer. Is there an automatic way to tell Paint.net to replace all the bits in the picture that are displayed in the background color with the foreground color? I vaguely remember that PaintShopPro allowed this, although the user had to use the eraser. Thank you.
  6. This thread is from 2014, so I have to ask: As of 2019, is there a way to highlight text in a clear-cut way à la Microsoft Word, or are we still stuck with paintbrush? Thank you.
  7. Thanks. Any idea what happened? Unzipped and copied DLL into .\Effects Started Paint.net Pasted background picture Effects > Render > TRSM File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\TRsSplineMaster.dll Name: TRsSplineMaster.EffectPlugin Version: Author: TechnoRobbo Copyright: Copyright 2013 TechnoRobbo Website: http://www.technorobbo.com/ Full error message: System.ArgumentException: Font 'Arial Narrow' does not support style 'Regular'. at System.Drawing.Font.CreateNativeFont() at System.Drawi
  8. Hello, As someone suggested, I just checked ShapeMaker to draw a straight line with more than four control nubs, but I find it overly complicated to use. Is there another plug-in I should check just to draw straight lines with arrow ends, that won't require saving a file, restarting Paint, and adding the shape onto the background picture? Thank you. -- Edit: How to remove ShapeMaker? I found no item in Control Panel, and no trace in "c:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\.." "c:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes\.." -- Edit: Foun
  9. It's 2019, and apparently, Paint.net still doesn't support drawing a line with angles and more than two internal controls nubs. Surely, I'm not the only one who needs to draw this kind of thing? I had to draw five independent lines.
  10. Hello, The other day, I used the Ruler and chose to display things in cms instead of pixels, and now, for some reason, fonts are super small even when using a 26 point size. Any idea how to get back to normal? Thank you.
  11. Thanks. As much as possible, I try to avoid plugins unless totally necessary. After I paste a line in a new layer, is there an easy way to line up and space the lines in the different layers ? View > Pixel Grid displays nothing. I assumed it'd be an easy way to move each line/layer so that it'd be lined vertically/horizontally.
  12. I found the cause, but not the reason for the issue: For some reason, the line consists in three parts: When I clicked without zooming in, the magic wand would select one of the three layers. Why does the line have three parts?
  13. Thanks for the tip. For some reason, after selecting the original line with the magic wand, hitting CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste it, and using the down arrow to move the new line below, it's thinner than the original:
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