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Gradient Fill ?

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I don't have Paint shop pro.


I too don't really understand what you are asking for that cannot already be achieved with the standard gradient tool?


Shaped gradients are already possible with the 'shaped gradient' plugin by N.D. using the selection.shaped gradient
Alternatively copy the selection and paste it into a new transparent layer so it becomes an 'Object'.
Then you can use plugins like my Object Bevel plugin (in my pack), TR's contour or MJW's version of my Edge shader plugin.MJW's version of edge shader


The Plugin index is very useful too.;)

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Hi @Anybloodyid


Try this - create an area with a rectangle and fill it with your gradient from primary to secondary.

select the inside of the area and copy into clipboard.

now select the area you would like to fill with your bucket - but run the paste warp+  plugin.

Adjust as necessary to get the look you're after.

See if that's what you want.


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I'm not sure I understand ...


The Gradient tool -- and all drawing tools, in fact -- are clipped to the active selection.


Magic Wand uses the same algorithm as the Paint Bucket to determine which pixels it operates on.


So wouldn't it work to first use Magic Wand to define the area, and then the Gradient tool to fill it in?

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Thanks Rick that explained how to get a gradient effect in PDN perfectly.


In PSP you could get the same effect without having to select the area.

You just set the pallet to gradient and used the fill tool to fill the selected coloured area with a gradient.


Not bothered now you have explained it.



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Make a new temporary layer. Use Gradient in the direction and the length according to the object you want to fill in with gradient. Switch to the original layer and use "Magic Wand" to select the region you want to fill in. Keep the selection  and switch to the temporary layer. Copy the selection. Switch again to the original layer and paste.



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