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line starting thin and becoming thicker

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You can draw a line, and then tapper it using the Rectangle Select tool.


1) Draw the line with a thickness of 12 pixels

2) Make a Rectangular selection

3) Rotate the selection

4) Delete selection

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I think for the general case that would be difficult. Off hand, I can't think of a way to draw tapering curved lines, and wouldn't be at all surprised if there isn't one. Perhaps if you describe more fully your specific requirement, someone can suggest a method to do it. I assume you have some particular thing you want to do, since drawing curves that widen from 2 to 12 pixels doesn't seem like something that's commonly needed.

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Perhaps you could make yourself a custom Shape with ShapeMaker?

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Here's a simple method for creating a tapered line using the Mirror over line effect included in Evan's Effects.


1. Draw a filled rectangle of the desired color on a transparent layer




2. Run the Mirror over Line plugin. You need to drag the red line in the plugin's interface across the black rectangle until you get the tapered line you want. If you want the tapered line to be thin on the left and thick on the right, select the A over B mode in the plugin's interface and start dragging the red line from left to right across the black rectangle until you get the tapered line you need. Or you can select the B over A mode if you want the tapered line to be thick on the left and thin on the right, but in this case you'll have to drag the red line from right to left across the black rectangle




3. Alternatively, you can further change the resulting tapered line's shape by applying (for example) a Polar Inversion distortion




4. Or maybe a Donut distortion if you seek sharper sinuosity




5. Tip: You will come up with a variety of shapes by playing with the Mirror over line and/or with other distortion plugins, some of which may turn out quite cool as tribal art strokes (if you are ever interested in producing tribal art in Paint.NET)


This is just to provide the basis of a simple method, but surely there are many different ways to do it. I hope this mini-tute will be of helphi.gif

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