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  1. Hello I am wondering if there is a way to make certain elements of a picture glitter with Thank you for your help...
  2. Hello How do you upload pictures to your site as I don't want to make any mistakes.
  3. Hello does anyone know how to make a realistic beard and then place it on a Aztec skull...
  4. Hello, I want to turn a head left and or right. I don't want to rotate it just turn it to the left so I can fit it to the beard.
  5. Hello I can rotate a head but I need to turn it to the left is there a way to do that in Thank you in advance for any help you can give...
  6. That is so cool. That is what I wanted to do thank you so very much for your help on this. When I am done with this project can I upload it to the forum so I would be able to have you experts look it over to see what else I could have done or do you have to have a lot of experience before they allow you to do so...
  7. I forgot is there any kind of a plugin that can be used. I am willing to pay for it if there is such a thing. I have seen things on the net that suggests there are but I am concerned that it might lead to a virus and Dad would blow a vein.
  8. Yes iron67 I would like to try that. It looks like you can make it look like a ghost. So if someone would teach me how to do that it would be awesome. I learn really fast when it comes to art other things not so much. Sometimes I get yelled at because all I want to do is art...
  9. I want to take 2 different pictures merge them and then make the animal in the picture look like a ghost type figure. I get to use my Dads computer and I am hoping they get me my own computer for my 17th birthday in 2 months. I have drawn a lot of pictures and I wish to take it to a new level by doing computer art using So I hope I am explaining this ok.
  10. I wish to manipulate my own pictures...
  11. Thank you, I wish to manipulate pictures that I have already...
  12. Hello, I just signed up to be a member so I am a newbie. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a animal look like a ghost or maybe there is a plugin that will help make them. I am very new to and love it. Thank you all in advance, any help would be great...